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Global file sharing and document exchange has picked it its pace with the advent of the Internet. Music, video, templates, ebooks, documents and other files are being shared in the web every day and are downloaded by fellow web users every second.

If you are a digital file producer and are wondering how to extract benefits from this worldwide network, then we have one good website for you to check out.

It is sure to help music bands, designers, scientist and students make money with their documents, here is how this offer works.

This earning opportunity is open to registrations worldwide.

What is is a brand new social project helping people monetize their files. Provided you have files with an authorization for reselling and redistributing them, then is sure you help you get extra income online. - downloads for money

By using this service you can earn PayPal cash by selling such digital goods as:

– website templates;

– design stock and graphics;

– ebooks and manuals;

– stock photography and photoshop tools;

– interactive content like videos and music (works well for bands and video creators).

Make money with digital files

The process of getting started with is relatively easy. First of all you need to set up an account of yours and pick files you are willing to share. After adding your documents to the system, you will get a custom link by visiting which people can buy your goodies (you get to pick the price too).

By promoting your download links in social networks or personal websites, members generate automated income. Money is automatically deposited to a user’s account but with a 5% service fee deduction.

Additionally, you can make extra money by registering as an affiliate and promoting files and documents uploaded by other members.

To learn more about this free service, please visit this link:

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Roundup and final thoughts is a new approach to selling your content on the web. No matter if you are a beginner artist trying to get extra money for your work or a talented musician selling your works on the web, is a free tool, which is sure to help you out reach your goals and make money with your content on the web.

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