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Share Videos and Get Paid for Every View – Review

Several days ago I have created a post on making money with video sharing. I got pretty exciting about this work from home opportunity and today I want to take a break from writing about getting paid to write and review and will cover yet another site for making money with your videos.

As the previous time, I want to share some information about a site, where you can receive money for sharing your videos with the ability of receiving money for every generated view. This is a great opportunity for viral video creators, because the pay per view rates are pretty high, but I don’t know if users will switch from YouTube and MetaCafe to very fast.

How to make money with videos at is a free video hosting website, where you can upload your videos, embed them to your blog/website, share the links to this video and get money for every view. Right now, depending on the country of your video visitors, you can receive up to $30 per 10,000 video views (I have almost forgotten, the video length is the second factor, which influences your earning rates). Please check out website for the full list of countries, which will generate you money. - easy way to earn money from home

VideoBB owners have done a good job by offering a large variety of tools for video uploaders – FTP and remote upload are two features, which will save a lot of your time for sure. Also, I think it should be made clear, no matter how many videos of yours a user views, you will be credited only for one unique IP per day.

Speaking more about earning possibilities, has a pretty interesting referral program, which will give you 25% of the money made by people, who followed your recommendation and started making money with I don’t think I have mentioned a good way of making money online for free for webmasters, if you have a site, you can share VideoBB on your web property and get 10% from every premium account, which is sold from your site. Compared to other sites, which pay money for sharing videos, VideoBB has very good rates and terms.

I have searched a lot for information regarding “ scam” search term, but I didn’t find any reasonable arguments, which could make me clearly say that VideoBB is a complete scam. The minimum cashout is equal to 20 dollars (PayPal), which shouldn’t be hard to reach.

As for now, thanks for reading, if you have any information about, which is based on your personal experience, please leave me a comment and subscribe for new make money online posts.


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