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Work From Home Writing Reviews – Review

More and more I’m getting into popular niches nowadays, and today I want to show you a website that pays you to review anything you have tried before. The website I’m about to tell you is called the ShareReviews.

Literally you can review everything here, starting from cell phones and ending books. Your aim is to write a quality review that will be helpful for potential buyers. is a social network where users share their experience in all fields on knowledge. There are 3 simple steps to start earning with Shared Reviews :

  1. Create your profile (tell users what you love to do, share your favorite websites ect). Make sure your profile is fully filled in, I will tell you why later.
  2. Start writing reviews (review everything you know a lot about or just review stuff you have an home : your TV, cell phone or even desktop/laptop computer). The better your reviews are and the more tips and tricks you share, the more money you will make.
  3. Publish you reviews so other members can see it. The more members see it, the higher earning potential you have.

Get the revenue share (receive 50% of the total revenue generated by your submission). This means you get 50% of the whole revenue. But why I told you to fill in your profile, is because other users with same interests will find your profile and your reviews. Shared Reviews pay you more money if you have more votes on your reviews. Now guess what? Other members with similar interests will be more likely to read your reviews and vote for them. It’s a great earning advantage for you.


Conclusion : Basically doesn’t pay you a certain amount of money for every review, but they do give you 50% of money your review generates. So members earn hundreds of dollars per single review, because of other member’s votes. So you got to pay your attention to other members, because they are your key to earning with Shared Reviews.


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