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Shorten Your Links with and Earn by Sharing Links

Making money on the Internet is getting more varied with days passing. Several times per week I test then newest ways to make money online for free and leave my thoughts in this work from home blog.

Several weeks ago I came across a whole list of websites, which provide users with an opportunity to earn money by sharing shortened links. Previously such url-shorteners were paying approximately 2-3 dollars for every thousand redirects but now a new concept of earning money has been developed and we can get up to several thousand dollars for every 1000 visits. The key to making such amounts of money is the content lock and Adm.As offers it too, let’s take a closer look at everything they offer (and right now you can compare it to other sites, which pay money for sharing links and see which one is better).

Ways to make money with url-shortening services

Adm.As is a free link-shortening service, which additionally offers a great way to make money for free. First of all, they offer a good service – whenever you need to shorten your link into an easy-to-remember url, then you can use Adm.As. But when someone would like to access the url you have shortened via Adm.As, this person will have to complete a short CPA offer (a free survey or offer). - make money online for free

Depending on the geographic location of your visitors and the complexity of the offers/surveys they choose, you will be able to earn from $0.50 to $7 every time someone unlocks your content.

Unfortunately Adm.As owners did not share any information about the minimum cashout and supported payout systems but I am pretty sure that I will be able to get this information in the nearest future, or if you know this data, please leave me a comment, I would really appreciate your assistance.

Adm.As is a pretty interesting concept of earning money and I think it would work pretty well with various coupons and freebies. Using this link-shortening service is a superb idea for people, who create wordpress themes and share them on the Internet, some other good ideas of making money with url-shortening is sharing download links to your favorite software, videos or music. It could be applied to anything; you are only limited by your imagination. There was another service, which makes money for sharing links, please take a look at my review.

I will be using this website in the nearest future so there will be several follow-up posts connected with this work from home opportunity. Thanks for reading, I do hope you liked my post, feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe, it is free.

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