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With the advent of Internet both employers and the representatives of the workforce started to adapt to the influence of modern technology on the job market. Now and then we started seeing companies giving their employees an opportunity of getting a flexible schedule and working from home.

This trend is very likely to continue as world-known companies are not only giving their workers such an opportunity but hire full-time stay at home workers.

And if you think about it – many specialists still get to work on the computers, so home environment may be even soothing or less stress full and eventually it can make work more productive. is one of such companies and let’s see what they have to offer for international workers.

What is

As many of you already know Shutterstock is a global marketplace for photo, video and creative digital art. Digital content is in big demand nowadays, so Shutterstock is only showing growing tendency lately.

Right now they are even hiring new workers for a very interesting position – stay at home vector and image reviewer.

To learn about this international employment opportunity please visit their official “Career Opportunities” page and look for “Work at Home” ones:

We have evaluated the listing and have to tell that the main job tasks are:

– evaluation of the quality of submitted illustrations and stating whether they fit marketplace standards;

– analyzing submitted files and checking them for policy and copyright violations;

– quickly processing massive amounts of image submissions;

– creating meta data and descriptions for evaluated files;

– providing required feedback to illustrators.

This is a good employment opportunity for photography experts but if you would like to earn with your photography skills rather than evaluate other people’s work, please check out related earning opportunities:,,,,,,,,,

Shutterstock is a reputable company and working for them should be fun and rewarding. If you have any experience with them, please share it with us.

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