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How About Making Money On The Internet with

The amount of  “get paid to write” websites really impresses me, but is it good for us, simple freelance writers? Well, Internet is a great opportunity for earning cash online writing simple articles, extracts or reviews. As for me, websites that pay people to write content gather a lot of unique information, but no one is really checking the sources of the information. Some people think “everything is fine as soon as it’s unique”.

That’s why we have that many scams hanging around – I bet there are still thousands of people joining them.

Anyways, lets forget about all these nasty scams and pyramid schemes, and talk about awesome jobs for freelance article writers.

Many of you still think –

How can I earn money online?

How do I get paid?

Do I need to promote my content?

How much money do I get per article view?


All of these questions are pretty common, but they vary from site to site. But today we’ll talk about, which is a great and reputed article writing website.

Actually it’s very simple – all you have to do to earn money is to post your short abstracts. The whole idea is to write short understandable articles with no extras to it.

Every month, Shvoong shares some money with the writers (no one really knows the percentage), but still you can get some money in.

For those who write a lot of articles, you can shorten your previous pieces of work and submit them – all of those will be surely unique.

Shvoong doesn’t really show the whole process of evaluating your work, but they do pay you some money. You can’t make a full time income from it, but still it’s a great payment for your efforts. As far as I have read, there are some people earning up to 3$ for their short extracts, but they do get a lot of traffic and ad clicks, I assume.

The minimum cashout is $10 and you can receive your cash via PayPal. For those you can’t receive PayPal money, there is a check option available.

I know that many of you prefer making more money for less work, but earning with Hubpages is another great way to go.

As for me, can be a great promotional tool for all bloggers and webmasters – what I mean is that you can submit short abstracts and include quotes from your previous blog posts.

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