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A credit in teaching methodology and other courses, which I successfully passed during my education in college helped me discover how useful Internet technologies can be and how they can be applied in high school and college education process.

Apart from using the latest methodology textbooks, the members of team went surfing world wide web and found several projects created to help students complete their homework assignments faster and more efficiently. However, projects like can benefit not only students striving for knowledge but also graduates and tutors, who want to make extra money online with the help of their experience and knowledge base. for students

A free academic community for students called has opened its doors and offer as a large variety of tools, which are bound to make math and science learning process easier and more interactive. homework help community

This project is the first instance of application of crowd-sourcing to education. Students, after registering on the website, have a chance to browse math problems from all known American text books, discuss possible solutions and even earn points by submitting solutions to math or science problems. Please note, due to copyright claims, all users must have their own textbooks to submit answers to equations and problems. for contributors

Every member can find out what tutoring tastes like. Slader project offers a chance to take up online tutoring jobs. Unlike with other resources providing such online work, only requires contributors to provide answers to available math questions with detailed explanations. So, this tutoring work doesn’t require your explaining the solutions to one person but instead contributors write down their explanations and share them with the whole community.

Getting started with this community for students won’t take a lot of your time and you can start solving math problems in the matter of minutes. The only problem, which you may encounter on the initial stage of using this project is digitizing your math formulae and posting solutions on the site. To help its contributors share their answers, Slader managers designed three options to add solutions:

1) LaTeX library: the on-site equation editor takes some time to get used to but once you get enough practice, you will have no trouble digitizing your solutions;
2) Applications for Ipad and Iphone – contributors, who own one of these devices can download special apps and share solutions via an interactive interface;
3) Scanning and using online tools for adding solutions. To upload their work, contributors can use such to showing their solutions or just scan handwritten documents (though this form-type brings less points to contributors).

Before going live, all solutions are to pass a moderation process but this is the last step dividing you from earning money with your math questions answers. Moderated answers start showing up to all community. Every time someone previews the submitted answer, the system adds one point to the contributor’s account.

According to contributor feedback, an average answer gets about five hundred previews per year and by posters solutions to a whole chapter every user can set up an automated earning model. The minimal withdrawal amount is set at 10,000 points (equivalent of $10) and all earnings can be safely transferred to a contributor’s account.

User feedback and scam complaints has been around for a decent amount of time and luckily we were to find some good reviews of this site. Dozens of contributors claim to have been paid via PayPal and “Top contributors” is a great proof that this site is legit. Speaking of scam complaints about, there is one example: users say that this site is a scam because referral points cannot be redeemed. But we think that such feedback notes are promoted only by disappointed users, who did not spend enough time reading terms and conditions of this project.

Further reading: provides a superb chance to earn money by answering students’ questions and help students with their homework assignments. – this project can be used for earning money by tutoring in three simple steps: firstly, you review avaiable questions; secondly, you provide your expert advice; and finally, you receive your money when the student is fully satisfied with your work.

Roundup and final thoughts

Online jobs for tutors are getting more and more frequent and such great project as can serve only as a support to this statement. This is not a get rich quick opportunity or a site, which can help you earn a full-time income right away. But it can be used for generating extra income for those having concrete knowledge in math and science and don’t mind helping others and making money online at the same time. Referring your friends to is yet another method to be used for improving your point balance on this site (20% referral program is up and successfully running).

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