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Every day more and more companies are using world wide web to find perfect candidates for completing their work. They are using Internet to employ people, who will be working from their homes or just outsource certain amount of their data entry, writing or transcription work.

Transcription jobs seem to be in demand these days. Many workers seem to be interested in taking up this type of Internet work but not everyone has experience in this field. This is where transcription companies, which hire workers with no experience, come in handy. is a perfect example in this case.

What is is a web-based organization dealing with transcription, i.e. turning audio and video files into written documents. Their project management process is handled by Amazon Mturk (to learn more about this service please visit this link: - free Internet transcription job opportunity

This is a great way to step into online transcription business and gain some experience in this field. Even though the pay is not high by Internet transcription standards, honest workers are promised additional bonuses and extra revenues.

To learn about the bonus program, please visit this link:

We were not able to find the pay for a minute of audio transcribed but we can see that a video transcription task (1 hour) pays about 40 dollars. In order to request a cashout you need to earn at least 1 dollar via Amazon Payments or at least 10 dollars to receive your earnings via PayPal. is a great website for finding transcription jobs with no experience required. So far we have seen only positive reviews of this service, if you would like to share your experience with this company, please use the comment section below.

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