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A week without Facebook or Twitter may sound crazy nowadays to millions of Internet users. Today, when our real and virtual worlds got so interwoven, people put social networks and microblogging platforms to use and use them not only for communication and fun but also for making money.

Oh, aren’t you making money with Twitter already? Well, if you are not, then we have got a lot of catching up to do.

Izea is the creator of several good projects, which help bloggers and twitter users monetize their virtual popularity, now they are willing to help Facebook users to letting them earn money for sharing photos and videos on their social profiles.

This is a valid offer for any social media user worldwide.

Introduction to is a new project by Izea media (some of their projects will be featured in the “Further reading” section), which allows any twitter or facebook user to earn money with their popularity on these sites.

Staree reward program

The only thing you will have to do in order to make money via this network is to share your interactive media, i.e. photos and videos. The site does not clearly explain what monetization strategies they will be using on your images and videos but hundreds of celebrities seem to have luck with this program and they do some powerful promotion of Staree.

Getting started with sharing that pays

In order to start sharing your media on for a chance to earn extra online income, you need to pin your facebook and twitter accounts to your member panel at Staree.

Then a sophisticated system developed by Staree will evaluate your possible revenues from this program. After this you will be able to start sharing images/videos for money and participate in various contests for extra bonus cash.

The site is totally secure and Izea is well known for their good monetization projects, so this offer is really worth taking advantage of.

The only drawback we were able to notice is that there is no clear-cut explanation of how their system works.

In order to learn more about this site and register, please check out this link:

Further reading and are two projects run by Izea, which are sure to help you earn money with your twitter account and your personal blog via numerous means of online advertising.

Roundup and final thoughts

All in all, social networks and microblogging platforms are being used by almost any Internet user. So, if you are a frequent visitor on one of these sites, have a lot of friends/followers and would love to make extra Internet income by sharing your photos/videos (alongside with ads by Staree), then you should definitely try out this site and write us some words about how well it worked for you in the comment section below.

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