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Ever wanted to earn more money with your freelance writing talent? I guess you know that there are many websites, where you can earn money writing or rewriting articles. These can be various freelance job boards or special magazines, which give you a chance to start writing and grow your talent.

I do like this way of earning money from home, but if you work with real people (sell your articles to some stranger), you are selling not just your own words and unique style but thoughts too. I’ve found several websites, that are giving you a chance to post to their web journal, get paid and get some reputation (and a chance to get invited to some other, more respected publication). Got kind of interested? – let me tell you more about!


Suite101 is the Web’s leading online magazine for expert advice and independent journalism . You can join Suite101’s team of freelance writers by submitting your resume and filling in the application. The website and the company itself seems to be very good and they do have some requirements :

  • Ability to write for targeted readers (so basic knowledge on some topics is required) on your chosen subjects of expertise and your experience (write about anything you’ve had experience with. E.i. I know a lot about WordPress so I would write about installing a new WordPress on your hosting, ect. ).
  • Create a resume (just Google “How to create a resume” and you are fine)Write 2 sample review articles (make sure you do your best writing these, your future job depends on these)
  • Pass a free training on writing for the Web and work 1-on-1 with an editor (you are up to pass a free training, don’t be shy, just pass it!)

I hope you liked this new make money online opportunity. I’m going to best on finding the new business possibilities all over the net, as well as adding more information to the posts, that have been shared before. Don’t be mad at me, I’m adding up stuff to make my blog your guide to earning great money on the web. Check out the paid to blog or get paid to listen music category to find out more great ways of earning money, when you have free time!

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