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The influence of Internet technology on our life becomes greater every day. New technological ideas and computer services help us get more things done in shorter periods of time, find the information we need and even land new part time jobs.

On the pages of this website we have listed hundreds of unique resources, which can help any Internet user find an opportunity for generating extra income. Today we would like to share a new resource for those, who are interested in virtual assisting job leads.

Who are Superhumans? website is currently accepting applications for individuals, who are interested in working on a new project called SuperCalendar. The idea of this project is to outsource scheduling tasks to a team of trained Superhumans. is hiring virtual assistants for their new project

Eligible individuals get to go through paid training and get a chance to work on their new service for $10 per hour.

If this offer is interesting to you, please visit these links: and Here you will be able to learn more about the requirements, fill out your application and check out the SuperCalendar service too.

As far as this service has not been officially launched, there is not much information about the total amount of work hours available. However, some resources indicate that Superhumans can expect at least 15 hours of work per week.

Virtual assisting attracts a lot of people, who are looking for remote part time jobs, so if you belong to this category, then you should check out similar job opportunities:,,

We have read a good deal of forum discussions and blog posts and all of them are positive and workers are excited about the launch of this service. If you have any experience with Superhumans, please use the comment section below to share your experience.

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