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Modern technological advancements, computer systems and Internet have become an integral part of any company’s work and in some cases – hi-tech systems are considered as the main strategic resource.

High tech industry helped business owners automate certain work procedures but still there is a big demand for employees, who can make sure these computers work perfectly and only benefit the business.

Many companies have various specialists taking care of computer systems but almost any company needs tech support agents. is such a company and they are looking for workers in this field (they even have work at home positions).

What is

Teleperformance – one of the brand names on international market for customer and tech support services.

They provide services in several countries worldwide and this means they also recruit new employees, who may reside outside US (but you’d have to check out all the listings they have to see which one fits you the best).

In order to learn about open positions at Teleperformance  and fill out your application form, please visit this page:

We recommend checking out listings with a “work at home” notice on them. According to our research, Teleperformance usually recruits full time stay at home tech support agents, who are at least 18 years old and have graduated from high school.

Speaking of the required experience – all applicants are expected to have at least one year of technical support and network service experience. All other peculiarities are stated in the listing itself and depend on the position you are targeting.

If you wasn’t lucky enough to be hired by this company, please check out other related jobs in the tech support field:,, С,,,

We are very excited about this opportunity, as the tech support field for stay at home workers is only developing and it’s nice to see such reputed companies hire such specialists.

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Teleperformance is hiring full time technical support agents, who have an option of working from home.


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