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[Expired] The Truth About Paid Blogging – Review

Internet blogging is the most interesting and fun way of making money online, but to start making money you need a lot of traffic. But most of the niches are highly competetive nowadays, so it’s even hard to earn some money with Adsense. Most of us try to make a fortune out of adsense, but it doesn’t really work out. So everyone is looking for another way out, some sell high PR links or write sponsored reviews.

As for me, sponsored reviews are the whole new way of earning cash online, especially for those who want to try something new and earn more for sure.

Every of us is writing for some reason, as for me, I do the research in the make money online world and write about my discoveries. I wish I could be paid for every post I make, but if I did, my website would look like a bunch of paid advertisements.

Blogging for money is a fast growing trend, that’s why it is important to get started with paid blogging right away (before everyone would know about this). There are so many resources online, and if everyone would start looking for sponsors, it will be hard to make money.

Due to economical crisis, the amount of advertisers decreased a bit, but I think everyone would like a review from a highly reputed websites. So now I think that paid blogging will become more professional and the pay will be higher for sure.

Blogging for money is still a great way to earn some extra cash. The only problem is “Where to find advertisers?” – PayingPost is a marketplace for bloggers and advertisers with very low fees.

Earn Money with Payingpost

Now about the website itself – is the website I come across not that long ago. According to my short experience with this company, it’s pretty impressed with the amount of advertisers available. The first thing that attracts you is the website layout and design – it looks fresh, clean andĀ  easy to use. So if they have money for good designers and copywriters, then they should be legit.

After signing up – you are two options – become an advertiser or blogger. Both varieants can make you money:

1. Blog advertising is a long term investment, because if you invest now and make your website popular, you can get even more money for blogging in future

2. Simple way to earn money without any upfront payments. You can try out all the free ways to promote and make your free money on the Internet.

It goes without saying, that your blog must have some traffic and good Google PR and Alexa rank, that’s what advertisers are looking forward to. There are millions of ways to promote your website and boost your ranks usingĀ  (Search Engine Optimization).

It must be said, that you can’t make a fortune out of a free blog, or low ranked website. It took me over a year to see some income rolling in. But if you have a huge website with several thousand visitors a day, then you are all set.

Now I guess the only question that concerns you the most is “How much I can make with”.

If start up as a blogger, you will receive blogging tasks ranging from $5 to $15, (everything depends on the advertiser). Also you will be able to write a review about the website itself, and it costs 10$.

Anyways, you can still make money online blogging, even if you have a free hosted website.

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