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Modern media world has created a big demand for text processing jobs, as various forms of media content need to be transformed to the needed format. While computers and automated systems have almost mastered the art of optical character recognition, most of the transcription works is still being left to humans.

Stay at home parents or data entry experts, who prefer working from the comfort of one’s own home, should look into one of the hottest niches on the online job market – transcription. Thousands of companies are looking forward to hire experts in the field of audio to text content conversion and (Landmark Associates) is one of such companies.

What is

Landmark Associates is the company with over 28 years of experience providing dedicated transcription services and now they are looking forward to expanding their team of independent contractors.

On their official page Thelai doesn’t state the pay for every minute of transcriptions but people, who are lucky to work with them, say that the pay could be compared to that of other reputable companies on the transcription job market (payments are being carried out on the bi-weekly basis).

If you would like to go on with the application process at Landmark Associates, please refer to this page:

Once accepted to work for this company, you will mostly transcribe content from interviews, panel discussions & focus groups.

In order to successfully work with this company, you will need such set of required hardware/software:

– a foot pedal;

– HD-quality headphones;

– your favorite transcription software suite;

–  a stable Internet connection (DSL/Cable Modem);

– a word editor like Microsoft Word.

It should be stated that at the moment accepts application from people residing in North America but if are looking for other companies, which are hiring, please check out these opportunities:,,,,,,,

At the moment, judging by numerous reviews, is a reputed employers and many people seem to be having a good earning experience with this company. Please share your thoughts and ideas about this employer.

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