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Technological developments of the recent years turned Internet into a powerful tool for doing business online. It resulted in the creation of hundreds of online companies, which hire workers and supply them with real work at home jobs.

Personally, I have already tested all the benefits of finding jobs over the web and earning extra income in my free time. My degree in linguistics and possession of several languages allows me to take up translation jobs. Once, while looking for a new company to work with I came across and decided to share a couple of thought about it here.


First steps to working with

Having skimmed through the website of Ubiqus, I found out that this company started its existence in the previous century and over the past thirty years have helped thousands of clients, who needed translation, transcribing and other text processing work done.

Tranlation and transcribing services at

Nowadays, Ubiqus is open for new applicants interested in working from home by means of accomplishing such jobs as:

1) transcription:
– verbatim;
– medical;
– foreign language;
2) writing and text processing:
– summary writing;
– medical writing;
3) translation and interpreting;
4) audio editing;
5) others (audience response technician).

Global availability and pay-rates

Ubiqus provides equal opportunities to all applicants, this means that during the screening process only experience and skills matter the most. I am getting a lot of emails from people asking to highlight some make money online opportunities for people outside US, so with this review of Ubiqus, I am starting a series of articles with International opportunities.

The first thing to do before starting to work with is to fill in their online application stating all the information required. Also you get to list which jobs you are more likely to do. According to the feedback from people, who worked with Ubiqus, this company mostly provides solid translation and transcription tasks. The pay and number of jobs per week varies greatly, depending on the skills of the applicant and local availability.

Transcription and translation jobs online can help you make a decent amount of money, I can easily tell that this is a great way for students or stay at home parents to earn money in their spare time. Unfortunately, there is no official information about pay-rates on their site, I guess I will have to wait until my application is reviewed and create a follow-up post for you.

Related reading and ideas

From what I have seen so far, people dealing with education topics or have a good grasp of English and other languages are more likely to find online work and generate extra income. Here I found some other interesting sites to help you legitimately start earning with transcription and translation jobs:

Student of Fortune helps students and knowledgeable graduates earn money in their free time by providing tutoring services online.

Amazon Mturk a company affiliated with Amazon, which pays money for doing tasks, which can not be accomplished by computers, these include transcription, translation and data entry.

Roundup and final thoughts about

Ubiqus is a company with offices in six different countries and over thirty years of presence on the market. It has a lot of advantages but here are some, which I want to highlight the most: applicants can get hired for working online without having previous experience; translators can name not only the languages they can translate to or from but also the pay-rates, which they expect per job or per word translated; most of the comments (if not all of them) and feedback from Ubiqus workers can be characterized as positive.

Even though their website needs a quick update and it would have been easier for applicants to get a clearer view of the jobs offered, is still a great way to find and take up online translation, interpreting and transcription jobs with international availability.

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