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Use Online Writing Marketplace to Make Money –

Thousands of hours have been spent on researching various work from home and get paid to opportunities and gradually I am reviewing such earning techniques on

This blog was created for people, who are willing to make money by doing something, they already know who to do, for example, we all know how to tie sentences into articles, we were taught to do this in school. And now Internet websites allow us to earn cash with the help of this ability.

Anyways, making money with blogging and content writing is the topic of today’s post. I know that many posts are published within this niche already, but I consider this work from home technique highly profitable, the main reason is that I am making most of my Internet income from blog posting and content writing.


Make money from writing at is an subscription based online marketplace for writers, where you can post your thoughts and get money for it. First of all, I have to tell that is a paid writing opportunity, so I don’t really know how good it is, as far as I don’t like work from home opportunities, which require users to make money in order to make money. - paid writing opportunity

But still, BlogIt looks like a highly reputable community (it has been online for years) and will go on with my review. The monthly fee at is equal to $9.95 and for this amount of money you are getting an access to blogger lounge, get the ability to post your thoughts and articles and finally receive cash for your work – article writing. In case you would like to check out free paid to write websites, visit the supplied link.

Is a scam? Do they pay to write?

Anyways, after registration at users are able to post content and get money whenever it is viewed. I did read the whole explanation on how this paid to write website works, but I couldn’t make make heads or tails of it.

They say that you can also make money by referring new members, 20% of the subscription money is your reward for inviting skilled bloggers. As for the money, being a blogger, you will be paid as soon as your account balance reaches $5 and all payments are completed with the help of PayPal internet payment system.

All in all, I worked with various paid to write and paid to blog websites, but all of them were free and I consider it nonsense to pay money for receiving an earning opportunity. But I don’t know, could be a great make money on-line website, only your comments could make me decide. Thank you for taking some time to read my article, if you like stuff posted on, feel free to subscribe and leave your questions.

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