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Nowadays Internet is growing in a crazy pace and there is no wonder why such websites are created. Today I want to tell you abotu a brand new website which pays to look at sponsored websites and review them, pretty straight forward, as for me.

UserTesting makes it easy for you to make 10$ for 20 minutes of your valuable time, sounds too good to be true, nahh, it is true.

There are a lot of websites which are looking forward to real thoughts about their businesses, that’s when UserTesting comes in handy. Everyone could make money with it, all you need is several minutes a day, and good writing skills, which is not a problem at all.

UserTesting pays you to review sponsored websites. In addition to a written review, you are also asked to use a screen recording program (supplied by UserTesting – you must be using Windows to run the software, unless they have Mac solution by now) to record your mouse movements, along with spoken comments, as you use the site you are reviewing. UserTesting pays $10.00 per full review video and written review which is really good.

Before being allowed to review, you must supply a sample video using their screen recording program (so they could test your reviewing skills, speaking ability and your accent ). When making a review, it is important to be critical and try to find flaws in the web site that you are reviewing. The website looks pretty neat, so it could be a serious money maker for you, because they pay you 10$ (PayPal) for every review done. There are hundreds of websites to review so you can make tons and tons by doing stuff online you already do. It doesn’t hurt to try and if you will get approved, you can easily make hundreds of dollars sitting in front of your laptop speaking about websites you like.




Conclusion : This is a great money maker for those who know how to speak well, if you consider yourself to be a sociable person, then give it a shot, extra money will make you feel better about your make money online experience

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