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The rapid development of Internet gave us not only social media websites and tools for entertaining ourselves but a great chance to find information we need and even apply for an Internet-based job.

Nowadays many companies are looking for qualified workers or enthusiasts, who are ready to dedicate themselves to a new company and go through a learning process. Companies are looking for best workers, even if they are working remotely, this is the main point of outsourcing.

Among various work at home opportunities, transcription and editing jobs seem to be the most demanded. In order to work in this field you need good listening skills, perfect grammar and a decent amount of motivation to turn an audio file into a text document with the information from the voice track.

Jobs at

Right now is hiring new workers, who would like to get involved in the transcription field.

Please note that this opportunity is only for US residents. International members are recommended to check out alternative jobs, such as: or is the company, which provides transcription services and they guarantee that all their employees are Americans. – Apply for a work at home transcription or editing job

If accepted to VerbalFusion team you will earn money for legal, general and medial transcription. The pay rates are available to approved members only.

If you would like to send your application and take a quick proficiency test, please visit this link: and this useful article:

From what we have read VerbalFusion is a legit company giving Internet users a chance to work flexible hours and earn money from home. Every employee is expected to complete at least one hour of audio per week. On their FAQ page you will be able to find all information that will get you started and suggestions for the equipment you may need.

We are waiting for our application to be reviewed and soon will write a follow up review of this opportunity. If you have any personal experience with VerbalFusion, please leave us a message and contribute to our project.

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