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[Expired] Way to Find Free Freelance and Data Entry Jobs at


Making money on the Internet is sure attractive, especially if you know that it is possible to start earning with no investments and without large time losses.

Well, my job is tell the latest work from home news and only you can decide whether to try free ways to make money from home listed on, or start looking for such possibilities yourself.

Anyways, I don’t want to spend a lot of time on introductions, people who have visited this free make money online blog already know about the quality of information listed here.


Where to find data entry and freelance jobs?

My several posts were dedicated to earning money with freelancing and getting paid for answering questions, so now I am sure excited about the development of this niche in my blog. I do know, on Internet there is a whole lot of freelance jobs and opportunities to be found, that’ why I keep on digging and sharing my discoveries with you.

Make money doing data entry at

If you are new to earning money with freelance work, I have got a great website, which can possibly get you started. is a totally free job board for outsourcing freelance jobs (I will explain below), it is intended to be used by freelance programmers, designers, ghostwriters, Internet translators, web-marketers, php and HTML programmers, web software developers, coders and other people, who can sell their services on the web.

Don’t have any other the skills listed above? You can’t program or write complex php programs, then use your creativity and start selling your services on Becoming a freelancer doesn’t require top-notch knowledge.

Way to earn with data entry at

Let me give you some examples of what you can do you earn money being a freelancer at 7Freelance: write content and reviews, do research on the Internet, create videos and promos/pod-casts, sing or dance and promote someone’s site, you are only limited to your creativity.

The registration at is totally free (unlike on other freelance job marketplaces) and here you can start by writing an answer to the question “What can you do for $7 (Paypal)?”. Your answer will be added to the database and will become visible to all website visitors.

If your listing attracts good enough to attract customers, you will start making money (7$ for every freelance job you have listed). I know several people, who are already making 40-50 dollars per day with this website and other Fiverr alternatives, so I think you can also earn this amount of money by providing freelance work online.

All in all, I think it a great freelance and data entry job opportunity, check out, it is totally free, I have listed some of my freelance jobs already and waiting for my first client, stay tuned for more updates by subscribing to my make money online blog,


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