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Ways to Get Paid to Sell Books and Textbooks at

My friends asked me to make a list of websites, where students can make money online. I have accomplished my mission and just got an idea to start sharing this list with my blog readers and provide a way for students (and not only) to make money from home.

Today I want to share a site, where you can earn quick money with your textbooks and clean up your bookshelves a bit. I know that students spend a lot of money on buying books, the most of which they need only for one semester and later on they are trying to get rid of them by selling up various garage sales but Internet has provided another, a more efficient way to sell your books.

Cash4Books: sell used books and earn is an Internet website, which is willing to buy used books. As far as I have understood, the owners of this service have an Internet book store, where they sell not only new books but also used ones and they would be glad to buy your old books off you too. - make money online for free

The process of selling your old books with is pretty simple. You just have to complete a quick registration and start listing our books by entering their ISBN numbers – these are 10 or 13 number codes, which could be found on the back cover of any book. Cash4Books is willing to buy books, which were published in the last five years, so you are more likely to sell books, where were printed somewhere in between 2007 and 2011.

Cash4Books workers will look through the list of your books and will let you know which ones they are ready to buy from you. After receiving this data, you will be able to print out a free postage slip and ship your books (Cash4Books pays all shipping expenses, so you don’t have to spend any money in order to earn money by selling your old books). supports two payment methods – PayPal and checks. Visit their website for more information and find out why selling books could be of use to you. As far as I have understood, this website cooperates within USA only, I would have sold some of my books, if I were a resident of this country, I want to declutter my bookshelves and free up some space for my new ones. I just love this way to earning money, personally I complete work for freelance content writers, so having a lot of books is a need for me. I’m glad I can get rid of some of them in such a way.

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