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Ways to Make Money Online with In-Image Advertising – Review

The idea of making money from home with in-image advertising has started to gain exposure in the last several months. Recently I have noticed several new in-image ad networks, about which I have never heard before.

Earning money with the help of blogs and ways to generate a maximum revenue from any website – these two topics have been worrying me for some time. I know that most webmasters are making top dollar with gooogle adsense advertising but I think there should be more to it and I would like to find the best ads, which could be run alongside with “Ads by Google”. So now I have posted several reviews of in-image ad networks in a separate category, which could be found via provided link.

Earn with a Blog and In-Image Advertising by is a stunning Internet service, which could turn your images into informative ad blocks, which are capable of generating high revenues. With Pixazza ads enabled you will be able to connect possible customers (your blog visitors) with product suppliers (people, who will be advertising on your site via in-image advertising).

Before I continue with this review, I have to draw your attention to the fact that Pixazza accepts webmasters with high-traffic websites. They are planning to accept users, with mid-size projects but I think – the more visitors you have, the higher your earning opportunities are. - earn money with a blog or website

In order to start making money with in-image advertising you need to get your website added to the system and insert a small javascript in your website source. Everything will be handled by the complex system of Pixazza but this script won’t slow down your website, in-image ads will be loaded in the very end and won’t be shown on your images, unless a user points at the image. works with hundreds of well-known and established companies and advertisers. I think that photo-blogs and sites with many images will surely generate a lot of money at Pixazza gives you money not only for generated clicks but also for leads and impressions. Sometimes you can get no money for a click (if the advertiser pays money only for leads) or get money without any clicks (if the advertiser pays cash on cost-per-impression basis). Also I would like to show you one alternative to, please take a look at my GumGum review.

Being a publisher, you will have a chance to tag your images or ask a stuff member to tag your images for you. These tags help distinguishing, which ads will be displayed on a single image. Additionally, you will be able to earn money to tag images for other publishers but I think you will have to become a staff member of theirs to perform such actions. pays money via check and PayPal on net30 basis. Additionally, I really liked one cool feature – if there will be no suitable advertisers at Pixazza, they will enable other partner networks, including Google Adsense (this means you have a chance to enable in-image adsense ads).

Thanks for reading my blog; is a cool way to make money from home, so good luck in earning cash with this website. I will be surely trying it and will post my feedback in the near future.


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