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Ways to Earn with a Website by Using Adsense Alternative – Review

Internet blogging is an easy thing to do – you get to share your thoughts, ideas and investigations. Online blogging has become my way of trying out my journalism skills but everything got way more complicated when I started to get interested in making money for free with my blogs.

Blogging could become a profitable business but only in case you will be able to monetize your website smartly. The classical way of earning money with blogs and websites – Google Adsense is still working and I have to say that it is working pretty well but when Adsense fails in blog monetization, all we have to do is to find a good adsense alternative. I have found a nice website, which might become an alternative to “ads by google”, let’s take a closer look.

Ways to earn with ExoClick – Google Adsense alternative is a “pay per click” company, which allows advertisers to get traffic to their website and bloggers/webmasters have a chance to earn money with ExoClick on pay per click basis. - free way to earn money online

After doing some research, I have found out that ExoClick is a pretty old advertising company, which is located in Spain. They have several ways for webmasters to earn money with their websites. While doing my research, I have not found many negative reviews of this service, people are mainly complaining on the price per click but mostly ExoClick’s reputation could be regarded as good.

They have a whole list of tools for webmasters, the most exciting of which include – real time statistics, weekly payments via Epassporte, wire transfer and of course PayPal. Additionally they accept international members and guarantee full transparency.

Three main ways of making money with your website by placing ExoClick ads include – ad boxes, search boxes and domain parking (ads on parked domain pages). Additionally you can become an ExoClick affiliate and earn money by inviting people to join this pay per click platform.

I know that there are better Google Adsense alternatives out there but one never knows whether this or that ad network will work out on a selected website. Everything needs a test, especially when it comes to choosing a blog monetization technique. Personally, Google Adsense is still the best way to earn money with a blog for me, hopefully it is different for you.

Thanks for reading my blog post, I will be looking for other adsense alternatives and will develop this topic in my future posts. If you would like to receive my new articles, please subscribe to

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