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Ways To Write Articles For Cash Online – News and Updates

Earning money over the Internet is not that tough as you think, provided you have al what it takes to avoid all possible work from home scams (I am writing “all possible scams”, because I am amazed with Internet fraud masters’ creativity in making up fraudulent schemes). But in this blog, which is mostly about free ways and techniques to earn money over the Internet, I write about Internet websites and services, which give us an opportunity to rock some quick cash online.

Speaking of cool techniques to earn money from home, what do you think about getting paid for writing at As for me, their revenue sharing (based Google Adsense and Kontera) program could become pretty handy for those, who know a little bit of SEO and can write keyword reach articles. As far as I can see, their service is pretty old and has some reputation, which could somehow influence search engine positions (if you have more traffic, you will start making even more cash by writing and publishing your work online).

Well, today I wanted to concentrate on the topic of writing online for royalties and cash rewards and it is high time to update all my blog readers about For those, who don’t really know what Wikinut is and how to write for and make money I will give you the general idea in several words (or feel free to check out my Wikinut review).

At you can post your niche articles, get free exposure from search engine visitors and community members. You can include related links in your articles and, in addition, receive 50% of total advertising revenue generated by your pages (the ones you have created at

Write online articles for money at

Well, here you can get paid to write articles online, but Wikinut impresses me with awesome customer support and administrator friendliness. System administrator @ Wikinut are always looking for improvements and here are some things they have carried out, since I have been registered with them:

1) The referral program has been updated with some extra features – now you can see the list of people, interested in making cash by writing articles, you have invited to WikiNut.

2) To make the process of making money by writing and submitting articles to, the administrators have published a list of requirements for all submissions (things moderators look for before approving your work).

3) In addition, there have been some alterations made to the whole website script and layout. These updates and new features sure make user experience better, which means we have the chance to receive more cash for article writing work. If you still haven’t – write articles for cash by using

Working online has always been fun experience for me and I don’t really know why that many people complain about all means of Internet business. According to my personal experience, you can generate cash by using almost any “work from home” technique – you just have to be creative and dominate your niche. I know a lot of webmasters and freelance writers, who get paid to write content on the Internet. Many of them use Wikinut, but some prefer to write and earn money with

If you want to know what I think about writing articles for money – it is a lot of fun and an easy technique of web money-making. Just give it a try and you will become a professional soon and you know, real pro’s tend to rock quick cash. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe (and receive free updates on how to earn from home).


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