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Best Websites to Find Online Writing Opportunities for Copywriters and Journalists

Internet is a superb tool for everyone, who likes writing. Good quality content is a very valuable thing for every blogger and website owner, so if you are capable of writing articles or reviews and use proper grammar, then you would probably be able to earn money online by writing articles.

In this blog I featured dozens of websites, which pay money for writing, this article is created to sum everything up and list all “get paid to write” websites I was able to find. In this list you will be able to find such writing opportunities:

– Paid to write sites with revenue sharing
– Freelance writing opportunities with upfront pay
– “Get paid to review” opportunities
— Book reviews
— Video game reviews
– Guest blogging for pay
– Tutorial and how-to guide writing jobs
– Ghostwriting opportunities
– Written translation work
– Make money with guest blogging
– Other jobs for copyrighters, including book publishing
– Scams and writing opportunities to stay away from

Please note, this page will be constantly updated with new websites, some old ones may end up in the scam section and so on but listing all the sites on this page will be just impossible and probably frustrating for the reader. That is why every item in the list above will be given a separate post for all writing opportunities but this page will only highlight the best job opportunities within every category. Get ready for a flood of links and don’t hesitate to leave your comments below, it means a lot to me to make the largest list of places to find Internet work for writers, journalists and reviewers.

As for the notes “US only” and “International” – these show whether certain offers are available for non-US residents but international readers should understand that PayPal is the most popular payment method and check whether it is supported in their country.


Paid to write sites with revenue sharing

Revenue sharing sitesThe main idea standing behind this type of online projects is to allow writers (beginners and experienced fellows) to publish their content and earn money depending on the performance of their content. It is very useful for those, who know how to generate money with content but don’t want to start their own blog or wish to practice their writing skills, communicate with other writers to grasp the basics of Internet copywrting, ghostwriting and journalism. (International)

A new content publishing platform called is looking for new freelance writers. The owners of this project expect quality content from the contributors and for writing efforts reward members with money. has a complicated earnings system, which determines the amount of money an article earns per month based on its popularity, quality and number of affiliate sales (Amazon affiliates earn 50% of the revenue). Copywriters at ZuJava get paid via PayPal once a month. (International) – get paid to write website with Google Adsense revenue sharing offer. Here you can post your articles (with dofollow links to your websites) and keep 100% of Google Adsense revenue. Apart from getting SEO and earning benefits, you can generate some good traffic to your sites from submitted articles.

Detailed review (International) – earn money by writing articles and reviews. Registration is totally free – create your profile, start adding your articles and make money based on the number of visits to your publications (it’s a revenue sharing website too). Minimum payout limit is only $10 and you can get paid via PayPal on monthly basis.

Detailed review (International) – free way to make money at home by writing reviews and articles. With this site you can make 50%-75% of cash generated with your content. You can leave links to your blog or website in the resource box and receive additional visitors to your site. Your earnings depend on the amount of traffic your articles receive and you will get paid directly to your adsense account. (International) – this website allows us to create a free content page (so called how-to world), publish our articles and keep 100% of Google Adsense revenue generated by our how-to worlds. (International)

Quality content means a lot to every Internet project. Good articles and reviews attract lots of readers and eventually boost ad revenue. is an Internet publishing platform giving its writers a chance to publish their content (relevant links allows) and even get a 100% revenue sharing from Google Adsense ads.

Detailed review (International) – writers, who are interested in creating collaborative fiction stories, can make money online by writing for The owners of StoryMash share 50% of revenue with contributors (freelance writers) and pay money via PayPal ($2 minimum) or checks ($5 minimum). (International) – free article directory, where you can enjoy such member benefits: free article publication with dofollow links, traffic benefits and Google Adsense revenue sharing (70% share). (International) – article directory, where you can post articles or reviews of yours with dofollow links, keep all the traffic and 100% of money earned with Google ads on your pages.

Freelance writing opportunities with upfront pay

Upfront paying sitesUnlike revenue sharing projects, upfront pay ones target more skilled and experienced writers because they mainly work with clients and fulfill their writing needs. So the pay is usually for the rights to use content (or content is bought from the writer). These websites have a lot of advantages, the most important of which is that writer’s work is sure to be evaluated by editors (this is a stimulus to improve skills). (US only)

Do you like the style of blog writing and think about working online as a freelance blog writer? offers a great method to earn money by writing blogs post for well-known websites (usually for business or corporate blogs). Just fill out an application, check out available keywords for writing and receive money for blog writing work. (US only)

By targeting writers residing in the USA, hires native speakers to complete their article writing assignments. The pay-rates are fluid and depend on the quality of written content and the topic suggested. Content created by copywriters working for this company is published on thousands of websites, which ensures stable payments, which, by the way, are made via PayPal on monthly basis. (International)

A progressive woman community aims at generating more content for its readers and the managers of the project start to hire copywriters. By writing for, contributors receive a flat fee or $2.5 for every article accepted and a performance bonus of $1.5 for every 1000 content views. (International) is a content creation company, which provides content for dozens of popular niche blogs and Internet media-sites. New writers are always welcome to join HowToHint website and take up such online jobs as: content writing (3 dollars per 500 word content piece), editing (the pay is $0.5-$1 for every edited work) and title creation (for proper structuring of titles editors receive 2 cents per correction). Registered users get paid every Friday via PayPal and international writers are welcome to join. (International)

By sharing expert knowledge on the Internet, users don’t just receive satisfaction from having helped some person but also cash rewards, if they are using Briefly, provides a chance to earn money by giving advice on the net. Members share their expert thoughts, answer questions and create helpful articles and guides for the community. Contributors can unlock additional writing assignments, which give upfront bonus pay but for other sections earnings are calculated on revenue sharing basis. Website fits both revenue sharing and upfront pay sections.

Detailed review (International) – copywriting firm, which is always looking for new freelance writers. Fill in an application form today and get a chance to make up to 3 cents per word written (for article writing tasks) and up to 0.5 cent per word rewritten (for article rewriting tasks). (International) is a legit source of online copywriting jobs. They deal with dozens of customers, who provide jobs for the team of writers working in this company. International availability, a great number of available assignments and good pay-rates make this company especially attractive in terms of online earning.

“Get paid to review” opportunities

Paid to review opportunitiesInternet reviews get a decent share of all Internet’s traffic and the main reason for this – people want to know what others (maybe those more knowledgeable or experienced) think about certain products, especially the products they are willing to buy in the nearest future. By writing reviews, copywriters can earn decent amounts of money not just from pay per click advertising but also from affiliate sales of products they are reviewing. (International)

Writing product reviews online can be turned into a profitable online business. is an innovative publishing platform, which allows copywriters to publish reviews of products they have used and earn a revenue share (from affiliate networks) from every product bought by users after reading the review. Basically, this is a new approach to affiliate marketing.

Detailed review

Tutorial and how-to guide writing jobs (full list)

Tutorials and how-to guidesA series of posts dedicated to writing tutorials and how to guides has been released and openings could be found via link above. Writing tutorials and how-to guides requires possession of certain knowledge about the subject and personal experience but well written tutorials cost decent amounts, they pay up to $150. (International) is a one of a kind technology blog, which rewards its contributors for writing step-by-step tutorials and how-to guides. Every accepted submission will give you from $50 to $75. (International)

Usability and web design experts can earn extra money by writing articles and tutorials for This is a blog by usability professionals dedicated to those, who want to make their websites user-friendly. is also open for contributors and tutorial submission gives a chance of earning $100 per article (only upfront payment available).

Detailed review (International)

In order to supply their readers with the most up-to-date content, the owners of project have a contributor program. Such program allows skilled PhotoShop users make money by writing tutorials and posting them on the blog in question. helps its writers get more exposure and earn extra PayPal cash. (International)

The popularity of WordPress content management system causes a great demand for guides and tutorials about optimizing, editing and improving this CMS system. in its turn invites guest bloggers to write for their site (articles are to be related to WordPress) and offers pretty a good rate, to be exact $100 per article accepted. (International)

$30-$50 is the amount of money owners are ready to per article or tutorial about web design to any of their contributors. is a blog dedicated to web design in all its realizations and project managers value well written and informative content for their site, so contributors get a superb chance to make money by writing tutorials for this site.

Detailed review

Ghostwriting opportunities (full list)

Ghostwriting is a type of Internet writing, when the work of a ghostwriter is officially attributed to other person. How I understand this, ghostwriter sells all rights for his writing work and stands aside the future distribution of his work. Ghostwriting works best for creating content for blogs, newspapers, magazines and even book publishing. (International)

Do you possess top class writing skills and would like to take up well-paying writing assignments online? marketplace for writing is hiring ghost writers and filling out the application is the first step to becoming a member of Scripted team.

Written translation work

Written translation jobsDoing business internationally has become more frequent recently. Such a phenomenon caused a demand for quality written translations and as far as Internet provides an easy chance to find qualified workers. Luckily freelance job boards and professional recruiting agencies started providing good translators with profitable translation jobs (to remind these are mostly written translations or proofreading for errors). (International) – professional translation and transcription agency is in a search of quality translators or article editors and demand no working experience to start. An average person processing great knowledge of at least two languages is only one step away from obtaining a legit online translation job, and this step is filling out an application form at

Detailed review (International)

Join a team of dedicated freelancers, who use for taking up all kinds on content creation jobs, starting from copywriting and ending with multi-lingual translation. With a minimum cashout limit set at $10, ClickWorker allows its members to work efficiently and get paid quickly. (International)

A freelance job marketplace is full of writing assignments, which could be taken up by people from any country of the world. After registration on this website and posting the resume everyone becomes a freelance worker, who can bid in various jobs and make money online by completing them. Assignments offered at are not just copywriting and ghostwriting jobs but also transcription, proofreading and translation.

Make money with guest blogging (full list)

Guest bloggingGuest blogging is a comparatively new thing in the world of Internet writing. It was caused by the wish of cross contribution between blogs of similar niche, i.e. writers published their articles on other blogs with a chance of getting more exposure and probably a link back to their personal site. Over the years guest blogging changed a lot and nowadays guest writers can not only get more exposure but also receive money for creating quality posts. (International)

Having posted hundreds of helpful tips for Internet businessmen, the managers of have decided to allow paid contributing to their site. Now, every interested blogger can contribute an article to ShesSelfEmployed (of course it has to deal with working online or running online/offline business) and receive a compensation for every accepted piece, $50 via PayPal or check. (International)

Guest blogging can be a good way to make money with content writing and an offer by managers is a great proof of this statement. By contributing to this site, writers can receive $50-$160 for every tutorial dedicated to programming or web design. Contributing to will give you a one-time cash reward and an ability to get extra relevant backlinks to your personal site or blog. (International)

A prominent resource of information about freelancing,, is looking for new contributors and promises a wide array of benefits. Applicants can become either guest bloggers (ability to publish articles and boost own media presence) and full time bloggers (reach beyond guest blogger framework and earn money for published content). Money is paid on upfront basis and author keeps credit for his/her work. (International)

Defense specialists have an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience on websites. The owners of the project listed a list of topics, which they would like to cover on the website and are ready to pay money to the contributors. By contributing to, writers agree to sell full rights for their content in exchange for a monetary compensation.

Other paid opportunities, including book publishing

Book publishingAll other methods to make money by writing all sorts of content will be listed in this sub-category. So far I noticed that book publishing and various freelance job board opportunities will be suitable for listing here. (International) – if you are a writer, who wants to publish a book and make money with it, then is a website you should consider using. This publishing platform allows you to create your first book, publish it in various formats and keep most of the revenue. (International)

3to30 micro freelance job website allows its members to post things they are willing to do for a fixed amount of 3 to 30 dollars (payable to PayPal or MoneyBookers). I see a lot of freelance writing services offered on this site, this means you can offer your writing services here too and get paid for your online work.

Detailed review

Scams and writing opportunities to stay away from

Online writing scamsUnfortunately some online writing opportunities get canceled, writing agencies get closed or websites for copywriters turn into scams. One of the reasons for creating this list is to show which money-making methods are true and which are a complete scam. Below you can find all untruthful sites and it is better to stay away from them. – make money online with the help of Google adsense revenue sharing. This is a free article directory, which offers us article writing capability with dofollow links and 85% of Google Adsense revenue sharing offer.

This is not a full list but only a beginning of my rating of best sites to earn money by writing. Please subscribe to this post to receive updates.

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