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[Expired] Internet Jobs For Young Journalists at

I think that most of my readers are either teenagers, youth or young adults. As for me, such audience is interested in making money with social networks or freelance article writing. Both ways sound like a lot of fun, and they are actually – we use social networks every day (sometimes for promotion needs) and every webmaster must know how to write and format text well, so freelance writing is not a big deal too.

I’d like to concentrate on freelance article writing for those, who don’t have a degree in journalism, but want to make full time income writing simple reports for fast cash. Get paid to write industry is not that stable, because content is kind of hard to monetize with such a big deal of competitors, so freelance writers don’t get paid more then 15$ per article.

But if you think that you are really interested in journalism and know that you can write really well and keep the attention of your readers, check out

Tips for earning money on yhe Internet with

Wire Tap is an online magazine dedicated to journalism for and about young people. They accept articles from all generations but mostly from youth and young adults, aged from 16 to 28. So I guess all of us are fine and we can use this one.To start to need to subscribe to WireTap’s newsletter, read their articles and get the whole idea of their theme. Later on you will have to send them a test article. If they approve you, start posting and creating articles for them and earn off-coarse .

The next thing you will have to do in order to start making money online writing articles – read and follow WireTap’s code of ethics. When you have done all of the above, you can go ahead and write some articles for their evaluation. According to their website, “one or two paragraph story idea + summary of your topic, thesis” will do just fine.

Usually you get up to 250$ per article, but there are some restrictions too. Very good program for everyone out there who can write well and get rewarded for doing so. I think that at first you will be paid around 50$ per article, which is just awesome comparing to writing at Associated Content, which offers no more then 5$ a piece (I guess Ehow would do even better for you).

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