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Work From Home Doing Freelance Jobs

To start off, lets define the term “freelance” and “freelancer”

According to the

“Freelancer is a person who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them”, which is very close to the The Concise Oxford Dictionary where freelancer “A person, usually self-employed, offering services on a temporary basis, to several businesses, for particular assignments”.

So it’s not that hard to define the term “freelance”, which is the action of selling your services or skills without long term commitment, usually online.

In simple words, freelancer is a person, who doesn’t really work online full time – someone who does the job online part-time without any commitment to the employer. In this situation, you are the boss – you schedule your time, but you’ve got to meet deadlines. Your main goal is to make money online – you find good employer and make a deal with him or her. For instance, recently I applied for a logo design job. I was paid 15$ to create a logo in 3 days.

So what tasks could you accomplish being a freelancer and how do you sell your knowledge and skills to a part time online employer?

The answer would be very simple, just be creative, because most ofย  busines organizations lack creativity. There are a lot of ways for a freelancer to make money online, some of them require a lot of knowledge and skill, but others are easy to handle. Many internet moneymakers outsource their work, to people who don’t really know a lot about certain niche. They do it, because usually this type of work is not difficult, just time consuming.

Well,ย  you can work as a freelance…

content writer (blogger and forum poster)

web designer (website design, logo and banner design)

programmer (there are a lot of types, sql, php and BSD programming ect)

researcher (make a deep research on a particular topic for a company)

and lots more…

There are so many advantages of working as a freelancer, so you would wish to try this method of working from home for sure. I like this type or earning very much. It inspired me to write another article entitledย  “5 Advantages Of Working As A Freelancer” Make sure you read it and leave us your comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Freelance Article and Content Writing

The most popular and easy way to make money online is to write articles and short stories for money. Owners of the large online news magazines, would pay you top dollar for new and creative articles and ideas, and that is true. If you have a perfect grammar knowledge (I bet you do), and you have a passion to write about something, why not to monetize your skills. There are tons and tons freelance article agencies, where you can find employers, but to start with, I would recommend you to find a good writing guide online, so your articles could be more professional (even simple google seach will help you with it).

Now when you know more about article writing, it’s just time to find the perfect website.ย  But at first, I would like to tell you about the kinds on the freelance writing.

The first one is a freelance article writer (this the one of the hardest jobs, because you have to watch your grammar, proofread your articles, but you will be paid more for this type of job). The second one is pretty new, it’s called freelance blogging. In such case, you will have to run a blog and will be paid for every blog post you create, which is very cool. This method is still new, so there are only some agencies which offer this service. The last one is the paid forum posting. Paid forum posting, yes, you will be paid for every forum post you create. Why not get paid for something you are already doing I would ask, with paid forum posting, you can make some money communicating with other community members.

So now when you know everything about freelance writing, it’s time for you to find some work to do. One of the largest freelance marketplace (Get A Freelancer), has a lot of listings you can apply at. Here you can find some article writing assignments.

Also you can browse and see possible ways of finding freelance jobs:


Get paid to blog : Another cool category. It has a lot of website reviews, which will hire you as a blogger and will pay you to write online.

Get paid to post (Paid forum posting) : Here you can find the latest paid forum posting listings. Sites reviewed in this category, are looking for paid forum posters and will give you money to use sponsored forums.

Get paid to review (Share your experience about certain product) : Here you can can find websites which are looking for skilled people who can review sponsored products . The average rate per written review varies from 10$ to 25$ and the video reviews are usually worth over 25$.

Working as a freelance writer is interesting and profitable. Will will earn 10-100$ per every quality article you write, up to 20$ per every sponsored blog post and up to 25$ per every 100 forum posts you create – I have to admit that the rates are high enough and that would be easy to make some pocket change ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I think that freelance wrting helps you to grow more and more, in future you will be gaining more experince, so that is vital to keep writing, especially when you are paid for it.

Freelance Web Design

This entry and following sections will reveal the advantages/disadvantages of working online as a freelance Web designer. To start this up, I’d love to say that nowadays many people don’t know or know want to understand/admit the importance of the Web designer jobs. Some companies tend to move along with the technical progress and there are more and more agencies which are looking for talented and creative web designers in order to maintain and update agencies’ websites, or selling the web design services. The best advantage of a freelance web design job is the salary. No matter where you work, you make a lot of money, but you need a lot of skill and effort for this job.

I have have found out recently, that some companies recruit freelance web designers they don’t even know personally. They talk over the Internet and sent money wirelessly, so that is the best example of a freelance web design.

So what if you don’t have any Photoshop skills, or just can code or design, it’s never too late to study. You can download some Photoshop courses to start with. Those will teach you the design basics, as soon as you have those, you can design small banners and logos. This a cool way to make money too, because a simple logo/banner design is worth 10-50$ (not bad, huh?). If you already have such skills, browse and find some good customers ๐Ÿ˜‰

The best source for a starter Web Designer is Google. Just do some searches like “Photoshop tutorials”, “How to create a banner in Photoshop”, “Photoshop for Noobs” ect.

Do your best and try to achieve your aim, or just do it for yourself, if you don’t need some extra money ๐Ÿ™‚ (but who doesn’t need money, weird ! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Make Money As A Freelance Translator

This is a new method I didn’t know about before, so as you see, you can monetize any of your talents and all of your knowledge online. So, if you perfectly know at least two languages you can start working as a freelance translator. There are a lot of companies which are looking for people who know English (plus any other language) and hire them as a support stuff, or just as translators. So you could really work in a support team as a forum moderator or just a person who translates and sends business letters online. Another cool way of making money online as a translator would be offering professional translator services and translating various business documents, software (language packs) or just short stories. So a simple Google search could give you a great opportunity to monetize your language skill while revising your grammar and vocab (in such case you are killing 2 birds with one stone :))

Work From Home As A Freelance Programmer

More and more businesses are looking for automate their businesses, that’s why computers were created. So now more and more companies are looking for programmers, but why would they pay a lot of money for someone who will stay at the office all the time, rather then having a programmer online who is always home and ready to help, I think that is the future solution, because now it’s only being practiced. So what I think, people with great programming skills could easily work from home and schedule their own time, rather then working hard it the office.

In such case freelance programmers could be stay at home moms of dads, could schedule their days and work as much as they want or as much as they need (and that is very cool). Due to large popularity of this kind of work, you will always have a task to do, so you will earn as much money as you can.

Another cool way, would be creating a software and then selling it. Whether it’s a freeware or a shareware, you will make money. If it’s a freeware, you will get a large sum from a software sponsor, if it’s a freeware, you will get even more money for every license sold, but you will have to promote your soft a bit.

I can continue writing about freelancer jobs and opportunities for hours, but it’s just useless at this point. I think you have got the main idea of this kind of jobs, so I think you will do fine. If you need any sort of help, leave me a comment with your question and I will be there for you.


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