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In our technologically-developed society being a tech-savvy enables a person not just to find common grounds with others sharing the same interest (usually younger generations) and make new friends but also make money with technology expertise.

With the advent of online blogging, platforms for running Internet diaries were gradually becoming more and more popular. WordPress was probably the most prominent and easy-to-use one, as it turned into the number one script for creating and managing online blogs. With millions of WP users, the demand for theme and plugin modifications is always rising; this causes a natural flow of jobs for WordPress developers and designers.


Online work for WordPress experts

While it is not always convenient to hire a programmer for a quick site modification, blog owners try to do some research and try to fix everything themselves, by using a popular “plug and play” approach. Although, we don’t usually have time for researching troubleshooting solutions, nor have a programmer at hand, in such situations a service called comes in handy.

Jobs of WordPress experts is an Internet Q&A (question – answer) website, which allows WordPress users to post their questions and receive answers from experts in exchange for a small cash reward. There are times, when paying five-ten dollars for an expert advice is a better solution compared to spending hours on the Internet trying to figure out how some plugin or WP feature works.

WpQuestions service is open both for askers and experts. By checking out the expert leader board, you will see that many members have managed to make over a thousand dollars by giving advice and troubleshooting askers’ problems.

Methods to Earn with

Overall offers three ways to earn money: for experts, affiliates and theme/plug-in developers.

Opportunities for experts: registered members get a chance to browse open questions and provide their answer. The system is carried out in a very-user friendly way, which helps experts provide step by step problem solutions for askers and clarify everything on the spot. The cash reward for a correctly answered question varies from $5 to $100 (but there are cases, when askers set higher rewards or even create custom job listings, so this site could be also used for finding freelance programming and design work). Once the asker chooses the correct answer, the expert receives money for his/her work and can request a payment to a verified PayPal address.

Opportunities for affiliates: the presence of an affiliate program can nothing but please a WordPress expert. According to its rules, every referred asker registration and creation of a question worth at least $20 brings an additional $1 to affiliate’s balance. Just like experts, affiliates can withdraw money via PayPal.

Opportunities for developers: do you like creating freebies for WP community? The owners of want to show their appreciation for your work and provide you with special monthly donations. Here is how this works: every month 5% of the prize money are being donated to developers (there is no need to do anything for this community, just show what your freebies are and get a chance of receiving free donations).

Further reading for WP fans

The knowledge of WordPress programming can be turned into a good tool for earning money. This blog has featured some great methods for monetization of this platform and here are some of them:

WordPress marketplaces are used by programmers and designers for selling their products (themes, templates and plug-ins).

Three more ideas to earn with WordPress – a list of interesting ways to benefit from the knowledge of this blogging platform has been already published and is updated frequently.

Other Q&A websites – sharing expert knowledge for money is not limited only to WordPress. There are a lot of other topics, questions and services, which provide interesting money-making methods for experts.


Final thoughts about WordPress Questions is an interesting method to make money online by sharing expert knowledge and answering questions. It works on understandable terms and gives pretty good odds of earning. The list of top experts is a proof that this system works and gives great chances of generating a part-time income on the web.

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