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Write Reviews Online For Quick Money – Review and Experience

Just some time ago I have been writing about earning money online with Twitter. Many people still email me asking – “Is there no way to make money by selling Twitter accounts?”. Personally, I don’t get the point of selling accounts at, because anyone can earn money by placing advertisements on twitter accounts. If you have missed my review, the post which reveals how to earn money on, then you are sure welcome to check out this post.

As far as I am kind of done writing about earning money by selling sponsored twitts, I will write about other cool ways of earning money from home. I want to update with the hottest information from the “mmo” (make money online) world and there is literary nothing to keep me from doing so.

Today I will tell you about a website, where any web user can get paid to write reviews. These reviews could be related almost to any topic, which makes it even easier to rock fast cash (totally for free). Writing reviews for money could be a lot of fun, especially, if you’ve got some experience in this field of study, or would like to test products or services for money (actually GPT websites, like pay people to complete surveys and try products online, I have been paid by this website already, so I highly recommend it to you). But today we are talking about and their paid to review service.

How to review products and services online and get paid fast?

To start off, lets talk about Ciao in general. I have been using a while ago (times when they were paying 1$ per every review written, I didn’t understand that it was a goldmine, so only managed to earn several hundred dollars with them). But now it has been bought by Bing and they have changed the whole concept a bit. is a huge social community, where users share their thoughts about all possible products (books, electronics, games, house appliances, movies, music and many more) and services in form of reviews.

So to start getting paid for reviewing products you need to complete a quick registration process and boost your confidence with the fact that you can receive up to 3 pounds (that is somewhere in between 5 and 6 USD) for every good review. After completing your registration and filling in the user profile, you will be able to add the actual reviews. Remember that you are getting money for positive review ratings (if users find your review helpful, you get money).

Depending on the review rating “helpful”, “very helpful” or “exceptional” you will be getting money, so actual user experience (or top class research) is the key to earning money with reviews at

As far as I have understood, now they have a performance incentive, which means – the more reviews you have written and the higher your total ratings are, the more cash you are getting in your account, it sounds pretty straight forward to me (they used to pay a flat free of 1$ for every review, but now this performance incentive can either make you more cash for your reviewing, in case you are pretty good at it, or pay out only with time).

It is hard for me to believe, but owners have revealed the price per rating – users get from 0.5p to 2p per every rating. Also on your review page, you will see how much money you will receive for a rating (indicated by pound notes).

Well, there is some complex system behind all this reward system and I think that actual user experience will make it easier to understand. But I have good news for those, who are still willing to how to make video and written reviews for money – there is a premium fund thing, which rewards the best reviewers (2000 pounds are divided between reviewers every month). Oh by the way, speaking of video reviews. Did you know that you can earn up to 25$ for every video review? Check out how to create reviews for ExpoTV and get paid.

The minimum cashout limit at is set at just 5 pounds, which is not that hard to reach (I must say). All payments are completed once a month, so you will have to wait a little to receive your cash.

I do hope that this get paid to review website got you excited and you will head on to and start earning money from home. And as far as it is owned by Bing, they won’t scam you, because they value their reputation, which is pretty expensive thing to loose. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments about making money online with product reviews.


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