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Music is a long-lasting type of art, which has always attracted millions of fans. Nowadays music industry is only becoming more varied as new music genres are being invented and promoted to the global community of music lovers.

Computer technologies have provided tons of opportunities for creating, editing and spreading music to listeners worldwide in the matter of hours if not minutes. In addition, we cannot resist telling that music creation and editing is a big business nowadays. While offline music world can be hard to get into easily, numerous Internet projects support independent artists and give them chances to make money with their music by selling it online.

With this post we are starting a whole session of articles dedicated to ways in which music bands, artists, audio editors and DJ’s can make money with their art online and the first article in this session is one dedicated to

This service can be used for music producers internationally.


What is

Zimbalam is one of the leaders in media distribution in Europe, helping independent music creators distribute their work to hundreds of music stores online. Artists can extract a great deal of benefits by using this company for selling their work, as it only charges one fee for listing your music in hundreds of digital music stores and gives artists a chance to collect 90% of their music royalties.

Music bands monetize their content with

Music artists, who choose to work with this distributor, get access to exclusive online tools guaranteed to help selling music successfully in this somehow overcrowded global marketplace. Just to give you an idea, here are some prominent tools: free music player embeddable into social network pages or your personal website; fan buzz tracking; free artist page with a list of data about you and your artwork.

Make money by selling music is initially the service, which helps artists save money on distributing their music tracks to various digital audio stores and give independent artists a chance to make money without signing a contract with a music label. Please visit their website to see how much they are charging for every track or album submission. If you decide to start selling your music tracks with, please keep in mind that it may take from 4-8 weeks for your tracks to appear in the leading music stores (you get to pick to hich stores to submit your music too).
Due to ownership rights, all artists are required to sign a non-exclusive contract with Zimbalam service (basically this means that you grand this music distributor a right to sell your content in digital stores). You are not tied to this service forever, if you feel like stopping selling music with them, you can terminate this contract.

Luckily offers a great deal of distribution options to its customers (artists).

More about this you can learn on their website: distribution. credibility

According to their official website, Zimbalam service is being used by thousands of artists, which helped them to grab a leading position in music distribution in Europe. Also our search concerning their credibility yielded only positive results. If you have any experience selling music for money with the help of Zimbalam, please leave us your feedback in the comment section below.

Further reading is an alternative service for selling music online. Music bands and artists get a great number of tools for monetizing their content and gaining new fans and followers.

Music lovers can find other interesting opportunities for earning money and winning free gifts on the page with best methods to win money with music reviews.

Roundup and final thoughts

To conclude this brief overview of service, we would like to tell that they give a complex set of music monetization tools, which, if used properly, can help any independent artist (or music band) popularize his/her music, generate some sales and receive money for the further music career development.

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