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Nowadays many businesses are using Internet for outsourcing some of their projects and find online experts, who work from home. This is an efficient way to run their business and get their work done fast, as they don’t spend time interviewing potential workers for the job and have thousands of experts at Zintro, who are ready to take up their projects.

What is Zintro?

Zintro is a global marketplace, which is being used by thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners online for finding qualified employees. This service provides mutual help to both entrepreneurs and experts, who get to use their skills and experience, earn money and work from home. – marketplace for finding consultation and project work online

You can create your Zintro account, upload your resume and list your qualifications. Registration is totally free, you are only being charged a small fee, when you complete your work on a project and get paid by the employer.

For more information about this service and for registration please visit this link:

Zintro accepts registrations worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where you are physically located, you can make money with your qualifications and work in your free time. This is a free legitimate opportunity to become an Internet based assistant or a telephone expert, helping people solve their problems for a reasonable fee.

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Speaking of the payment, experts at Zintro get paid via PayPal (US residents have a direct bank deposit option).

Having done some research, we can tell that is a great way to boost your customer base, if you are working as a freelancer online or would like to make extra cash from home. Most of the vendors and experts are satisfied with the service this company is providing.

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