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5 Advantages Of Working As A Freelancer

Well, all of us know that everything in this world has pros and cons, in this article I would speak about Advantages of working as a freelancer. In case you don’t know what that means and why you should do this, you are welcome to read my article “Ways To Work As A Freelancer Online”

This article about making money online one reveals the point of the freelance job and places where you can start making money in such way.

The most popular post on this blog is about earning money online with paid forum posting, as for me, the only reason for such rapid growth of traffic is that more and more people want to get paid for something they already do. We all visit forums on daily basis and find out something new, or share your personal knowledge. Forums are created for niche communication, people ask and answer questions there, so why don’t get paid for it?

Earn with freelance jobs

When you earn with paid forum posting, your grammar or writing skills are not that important, all you have to do is to help other people (I rely on my personal experience of working as forum poster). Some forum users have high reputation not for “thank you” posts, but for great contributions or useful guides.

Telling the truth, several years ago I didn’t even know how much stuff you can do online to earn good money writing. So far I’ve tried:

  • Paid forum posting (been working with ForumElves, ForumWizards and earning with Some of them closed their doors a while ago, but it was a great experience for me and I do believe there are honest companies out there nowadays.
  • Aritcle writing and paid reviews (I tried working with Associated Content, and Ciao was the best earner, because they were paying 1$ per review, now the wage is lower, but you still can make desent cash there [I’m really excited about revieving this get paid to write website].
  • Paid blogging (more experience for me here – Sponsored Reviews is the only thing that worked out for me). Though my blog was not well ranked in Google, I made some money writing short reviews on my blog. There is one thing I leart – most of advertisers are filthy rich, so they don’t mind paying you extra 5$ for a positive feedback, don’t hezitate to set higher prices.

I still want to find some time and try other web earners I’ve been reviewing here for the second year, but the lack of time is my only reason, but summer is coming.

What I’m trying to tell you – everyone can make money online with no investment, you just need to decide whether you want to create something you wish to own yourself and develop it, or create content for other people and get paid fast. Both options have downsides, if you create your own website, you got to work more and consider search engine optimization and traffic generation. But when you blog for sponsors, your work will not always be accepted and you will have to work everyday in order to make money. The smartest move will be to combine these.

Freelance jobs are best thing for work at home moms and dads, but don’t let your children distract you, anyways main advantages of working as a freelancer include :

1) Flexible Scheduling

A freelance work is when you can just make some money resting from your busy lifestyle. You can have a full time job, while working as a freelance, because you have no time restrictions or a boss who will always argue with you and will make you do the job. It’s just something you are doing for a personal development and extra cash.

2) Job Satisfaction

Of course as a freelancer, you will complete some tasks you already know about, for instance you have an assignment to write a 500 word article about Apple Iphone. I bet you would write this article according to your personal experience, and you will be more passionate about it, so this kind of job will give your some satisfaction. The same example will be a web design (you will create something you like, a cool website or web graphics). Also, for someone the level of income is another job satisfaction, so this kind of a job will allow you to regulate your level of income (the more time you have and the higher your skill is the more money you make)

3) Personal Development

Some freelance tasks require some expert knowledge or a deep topic research. And I think this kind of a job will help you to grow mentally and will raise your IQ level for sure. That is another advantage of freelance working you have to consider.

4) Your Geographical Location Doesn’t Matter

The Internet makes the World smaller, so freelance work doesn’t require a distinct location, you can live anywhere from US&Canada to Ukraine&Italy as soon as you have an Internet connection of course! So this kind of a job if you are creative enough , because a lot of businesses will pay you for your creative ideas!

5) The Less You Spend The More Money You Have!

Yeah, I would probably choose working in my comfortable apartment, rather then spending hours in the office, offices are so tiring! Also, if you are working from home, that means your gas bill will lover and you won’t spend any money for lunch 🙂 . There are lots of other things you can save on, I just have to think about it.

As I have already said, there are some disadvantages of working from home. The main one is the social isolation (unless you are a stay at home mom/dad). Some other include a large fluctuation in your monthly income and lack of job opportunities for employees with the lover working skills.

All in all, there is a lot of cash to be made on the Internet, you just need to go for it. If you feel like reading more about freelance jobs, check out my other posts:

I can’t say that you will earn full time income spending several hours a day online (well you can, but not right away), but something like four – five hundred bucks a month will be a great start for you. It doesn’t hurt you to give it a try, but watch after scams, which are very common nowadays.


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