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Internet is a vital part of our life and nowadays thousands of users all over the word make money online by doing various tasks. In this blog I am trying to prove that everyone can work at home without any investments.

Today I would like to talk a bit about crowdsourcing and a free way to earn money with web design. Crowdsourcing is a type of Internet freelance work, where various designers work on one project. is a bit different from this concept because you get a chance to receive make money with web design without even having any experience or recommendations from previous buyers.

How to make money with

To start off, I would like to tell that I am not affiliated with and not trying to encourage you to register on this website or recruit you to be my referral. I just want to find out real thoughts from people who work on this site plus I would like to find out if is a scam or not, once and for all.

99designs - get paid to participate in design contests is a freelance design job board with a twist, the creators of this website want to help skilled designers earn money online (even if they don’t have recommendations or previous work experience). Here is how works:

– Employers, who need some design work done, create a new design contest. They list all their needs and possible wishes about their project.
– Registered designers start working on the project, submit their work and wait until the employer picks the best one.
– Winners of the contest sell the rights for their work to the employer and receive a reward.

This way, if you are a good and creative designer, you will be able to make money online without preparing your CV or providing your portfolio. On only your skills matter, not your recommendations and previous works.

And now, let’s speak about rumors and negative thoughts about this website. There is a whole lot of freelance designers and design bloggers, who say that marketplace propagates low-rate design work, which causes a global decrease in design work rates.

As with any other problem, there are both positive and negative things about I will list only one positive and one negative feature – the good thing is that 99designs website allows designers earn money online without having any previous work experience and the negative feature is that even if you get to win a design contest, you rarely receive high pay rates.

All in all, only you can choose whether to use for making money online but I am sure that it is useful to have yet another link to a website, where designers can earn money by doing web design work.

Thanks for reading my blog post, please leave me your thoughts about and subscribe to if you would like to receive free work at home opportunity reviews to your inbox.

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