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Quality transcription service have been in big demand since the development of the media world, as these experts are capable of transforming speech and audio materials in the universal format – written text.

With the development of modern technology the services of transcribers started to become even more popular, as these written texts are used not only for quoting speeches from presentations or commentaries but also for creating subtitles or closed captions.

But despite all the available technological advancements, a good transcriber still needs to have a good grasp of the language (mainly listening and spelling skills) and fast typing skills. So if you feel that you can do such job, there are some good openings at for stay at home workers.

What is

AccuTran Global is a Canadian transcription company, which handles the jobs of converting audio and speeches into written word mainly for clients from North America but there are some international clients too, so there are some good job offers for bilingual transcribers. has Job Openings for Transcriber and Editor Contractors

Once hired to work for AccuTran, transcribers work with various audio files, which fall into the business category. These usually are roundtables, interviews, press conferences, video presentations, meetings and so on.

If you would like to learn more about available job opportunities from this employer, please visit this page:

Many online job experts claim that this company mainly hires people with experience in the transcription field as it would be hard for a person, who has never dealt with such work, to pass the application process but you can sure give it a try.

So in order to qualify you have to meet such requirements:

– Live in Canada, USA or England, as this company mainly hires residents of these countries but we were not able to find any country restrictions in the application form, so we will have to check with the employer or let’s just assume that they accept independent contractors from various countries of the world, as far as they meet technical requirements.

– Have great knowledge of English language in order to understand business language in different accents and be able to write down the information in perfect grammar;

– Have a typing speed of over 70 words per minute (higher rating will contribute to your earnings per hour).

– Own a foot pedal and know how to work with basic office computer software, save files in various extensions and keep the programs up to date.

The extended list of requirements and the application process information may be found on their official website (via the link provided above).

If you were not able to get a job with this employer, please check out similar job openings:,,,,,,, is a reputable employer with good job compensation (from $0.004/word to $0.0055/word, which may translate to over $25 per hour, if you know how to transcribe efficiently and get paid on bi-weekly basis via PayPal) and we were not able to find any negative reviews about them, so if you would like to share your experience, please leave us a comment below.

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