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The Most Honest Adsense Review In The World

Nowadays a lot of Internet users have heard about making money on the Internet with pay per click advertising. The most popular PPC broker is Google Adsense. With this system you can place ad blocks on your website and get paid for every click your visitors generate.

Lets have a closer look at what Google Adsense has to offer to it’s publishers:

  • Google Adsense for context – ad bots automatically crawl your pages and display relevant advertisers, so this means that users, who want more information, would be glad to visit sponsored ads, and you will earn cash. You have the option to pick only text, graphic or both types of advertisements. Now Adsense targets ads using Double Dart cookie, which ensures higher CTR and the quality of advertisements. – Not more then 3 ad units per page!
  • Adsense for search – new and improved search system gives your the possibility to integrate Google search engine into your website and earn money for clicks generated from the search result pages.
  • Google Ads for cell phone devices – if your website can be accessed by cell phone and PDA users, you can earn cash by placing this type of ads too.
  • Ads for feeds – place ads on your RSS feeds. Here you can place way more ad units per page (the most I’ve seen was 7 or 8, can’t really remember).
  • Google Adsense for domains – if you have some spare domains, you can park them at adsense and earn cash for every generated click.


Every ad unit can be modified to fit your website layout, you can pick the background color, text and link colors. Also I have to tell about the link units, which tend to be more attractive to users. Link units can display more ads on a separate page.

A lot of people, who start up with Adsense wonder how much they can make per click or per 1000 visitors. According to Google website, you can earn up to 5$ per click, but your earning depends only on your user activity (on your CTR – click-through-rate).

Also I know that new web-masters, who have just signed up with Google adsense want to earn a lot and right away, so they ask friends to click ads. This is strongly forbidden by adsense and I recommend you not to click your advertisement, google is way more smarter than you think. I’ve put a little post about Adsense Don’ts. This post tends to help people, how are new to Google Adsense.

Good luck with your earning and I wish you great Adsense experience.


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