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Earning money by uploading files, writing articles for cash, taking surveys for prizes – all these work at home opportunities have already been featured on this blog. But I am not willing to stop at this point, so there are new articles, about making money online, to come and this is one of them.

Blogging is probably the hardest but the most profitable option to earn cash online for free. Creating and managing blogs could be hard but the process of monetization could be relatively simple, if you use proper tools, of course.

If you own a blog and would like to find out a way to earn money by selling advertising space on your website, then you should definitely read this review of

Monetize blog ad space with offers a great blog monetization tool. With the help of their website you can sell ad spots on your site (mainly banner ads) and keep up to 80% of the revenue generated from your ad spots. If you use, you don’t have to worry about recruiting advertisers, finding sponsors for your site or negotiate prices with your potential customers. - easy way to monetize any blog

With you can make money online in two ways:

1) automatically sell banner ads on your website
2) recruit new bloggers (publishers) and earn 10% of what they make.

On their website they list the main benefits of choosing them over other similar ad network called BuySellAds. As for me, the main advantage of using is that you get 80% of money earned from your ads. Also I think it nice that you are to set a price for ad spots on your site and there are no emails and negotiations to take care of.

In addition to everything stated above, has a premium ad directory, where you can get listed to gain more exposure and find potential customers.

If you like blogging and wouldn’t mind getting rewarded for your efforts, try or other blog monetization techniques. According to my personal experience, making money by selling backlinks (!!!) is one of the hottest money-making opportunities on the web, so please make sure you have read all of these.

And now, feel free to leave your questions about in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and I do hope to see you back on (you can subscribe to my blog and receive free work at home updates three times per week).

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