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Make Money Online With’s Affiliate Program


Associates is Amazon ‘s affiliate marketing program which was launched in 1996. Amazon would reward you for linking to Amazon products and services they are offering. So basically you promote Amazon’s products on your website/weblog and get up to 10% of the sponsored product cost. So if you promote Iphone on your blog and someone actually buys it though your website, you get at least 20$ to your account. And some more info for you, don’t want to confuse you.

Here’s how this program works :

  1. You drive internet traffic to through specially formatted links (nice looking ads on your webpage) that allow Amazon to track sales and other activity.
  2. Earn up to 10% in referral fees on all qualifying revenue made through generated leads. (if you have a site dedicated to PSP and someone actually visits amazon through the link on your site and buys a PSP, you will get about 20-40$)
  3. Get paid monthly by Check or get Amazon giftcards

There are so many advantages of joining this network. Have you ever wanted to own your own online store? It’s possible with Amazon Affilaite program, because you can list their products and recive the commion for doing so. You can make money online from any sort of website, because offers a large variety of products to promote or sell.

Amazon Associates

Conclusion : is one of the most powerful internet stores, and now they offer you to promote their products and receive the cut of the product, which is really cool, if you have a good website. Even if you don’t, you can create a simple shopping related blog and add various Amazon widgets to your blog. These ads blend into the context of your site, which attracts more and more users to your website. So this affiliate program is really worth trying.

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