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Alternative Ways of Earning Money with Websites – Review

In today’s PPC and CPC advertising world, where Google Adsense is the kings, some webmasters are trying to find out more about alternative ways to earn money with blogs or websites. Some of these get involved in affiliate marketing, so they don’t get paid per click anymore, and sometimes paid leads generate them more clicks and money.

In such a research I stumbled upon advertising program and advertiser’s network.

What is

Azoogleads is a global advertising marketplace that connects advertisers and publishers. New approach to web advertising brings more interested advertisers and website owners. Azoogleads publishers have two ways of earning cash with this program – pay per click (money for every generated click) and pay per lead (cash for driving sales to advertiser’s products).


Getting involved with Azoogle is not that hard, you can say it’s pretty straight forward. You just fill in the application providing your personal and business information. Also you must state your promotion techniques and a website you are planning to run AzoogleAds on. There is no 100% approval rate, so your website may be approved or denied any time.

Once your application gets an approval, you can log in and start earning money online. So when you first login, can see the website tour, which will show you all the fuctions of your publisher panel. Many people just skip this step, but I think it’s better to be safe then sorry (just go ahead and watch that).

When you are finished with the tour, I’m pretty sure you will be able to set up your first ad block and place it on your website. I don’t think you need my help with this, but you can always leave me a comment.

As for the payment, you will need a minimum of 50$ to receive your payout. Money are said to be delivered within 15 days (net 15 basis). Receiving money is pretty simple, you can pick between check and direct bank deposit options.

As you can see, there are even more money to be made with your website, you just have to look forward to it. But remember, Google Adsense is great, but extra income streams will do even better.

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