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Many modern companies are trying to use the benefits of working in the digital age by going global and attracting customers internationally. As a result, these companies have an increased demand for workers, who specialize in data processing, translation and transcription.

These jobs belong to the list of those that can be done remotely or from home that is why they are usually offered over the Internet. So if you have a good command of English or your native language or you majored in teaching or translation, then you should definitely take a look at available work at home positions offered by

What is

Babbletype is a professional transcription company, which has been working in this business since 2009. has International Job Leads for Transcribers, Translators and Proofreaders

Taking into consideration the specific niche this company is working in, all stay-at-home employees are working on transcribing and translating interviews, focus groups and similar recordings.

If you are interested in this international job lead, please learn more about this offer and fill out an application here:

Please note that their application page is divided into several parts, so depending on your preference you should learn about the terms for:

– transcription contractors;

– translation contractors;

– or information for proofreaders.

Depending on your job title you will be able to get such rates:

English transcription: $0.40 – $0.80 per audio minute

English proofreading: $0.13–$0.15

Translation rates: $1.50 per audio minute.

At the moment they hire both native English and non-native English workers. So it’s an international job opportunity but, unfortunately, employees outside North America receive lower wages (which is extremely unfair).

At Babbletype, all stay at home workers are treated as independent contractors and are paid via PayPal on weekly basis.

Although Babbletype is considered to be an entry level transcription employer, not everyone will be able to get hired right away.

If you somehow weren’t hired by them, there are many great alternatives for you. Here are companies that hire internationally:

And employers that you should check out in the first place:

We have done an extensive research about this employer and have found out that has both positive and negative reviews. The main positive things about the company are: they hire internationally and applicants don’t need prior experience to get started. But, there are some negative stuff too: the pay is entry-level too, so if you live in the US and have experience in the field, the salary may be pretty low for you and you should check out the alternatives featured below.

But don’t forget to share your story about working at

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