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Best Free Ways to Earn Money Online in India

I get to work a lot on the Internet and I have a lot of friends, who deal with Internet business on daily basis, just like me. I communicate with my “make money online” friends and my blog subscribers and this time I was requested to write a post on how to earn money online in India.

One of my friends moved to India and she doesn’t have a full time job there, so Internet is the only source of income for her. If you have been following my blog, you should know that Indians don’t have that many work at home opportunities (if we compare to US and Canada residents).

I took up the job of finding the best ways to make money online for free in India. I will help my friend and thousands of visitors, who follow my blog. Let’s start from the most popular earning possibilities for Indians and move on to the newest sites for making money online in India.


Get paid to upload files in India

Sharing files for money is one of the best ways to earn cash from home. Good think that these services accept users from all over the web, including India. The process of earning cash with file sharing is very simple – you register with a free file hosting service, upload your files (photos, videos, software, archives and so on), promote links to files and receive money for every file download. Right now pay per download rates reach up to 40 dollars for every 1000 downloads (but some sites give a chance to earn up to 80 cents for every download). All good get paid to upload websites have been featured on, so make sure to check out a category for earning money by sharing documents.

Best site for making money by sharing files - make good money by sharing files – free document hosting website, where anyone can store up to 10Gb worth of data and receive money for file downloads. Users can choose one of two reward systems – the first one will give you up 40 dollars for every 1000 downloads or 60% of cash earned from premium account sales. Additionally you have a chance to earn 20% of money generated by your referrals. The minimum cashout limit is this site is just 15 dollars and you can pick one of popular payment systems – PayPal, AlertPay or WebMoney. Learn more about earning money at By following this link you will be able to find a review of, tips for earning and my numerous payment proofs.

Earn money by writing articles and reviews in India

Content writing is a well known way of earning money from home and there are many websites, which pay money for writing content (articles, reviews, how-to guides, tutorials). Right now there are two websites, which allow making money online by writing articles in India – upfront payment and revenue sharing websites.

With upfront paying sites you can write articles on selected topics and receive money for every article or review written. These are good for those, who want to get paid for their work fast. Revenue sharing sites, on contrary, are intended for users, who want to write articles, develop their sites and receive money based on revenue sharing. I think that this earning opportunity has a higher potentials because if you will be able to create enough articles, you can end up getting an automated income from your work.

Best site to earn by writing articles and reviews

Make money online for free with – my favorite site to write & earn. They work on revenue sharing basis and provide a great way to money writing online. In order to make money online with Squidoo you need to register, start creating lenses, boost lens rank, generate traffic and receive money earned from your articles. Squidoo is a community for writers, so you can always communicate with other earners. Revenue sharing is set at 50% (advertising options: Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, Infolinks and Chitika) and users get paid via PayPal.

Earn money in India with micro freelance jobs

First of all let’s get straight what micro freelance jobs are. Unlike actual freelance jobs, micro jobs don’t require a lot of skills and time. Earning money with micro freelance jobs is usually quick and simple – you get paid to write short articles, do social bookmarking, design logos and banners, do forum posting, sign up for websites, review software and do other freelance jobs. This is a superb way to earn money from home quickly.

Best freelance micro job website - make money online for free – my favorite site for completing quick freelance jobs. I have been using it for writing short reviews and posting on forums for money. This is one of the best sites on its sort and I like using it a lot. Also you can refer your friends and make even more money with The minimum payout is very low – just four dollars and you can get paid via PayPal or AlertPay. Find out more on how to earn money with micro freelance jobs at Minute Workers and my payment.

These are just three best ways to make money online for free. I will be adding more sites to make cash at home from India and will give the best work at home opportunities for Indian people.

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