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[Expired] Making Money On The Internet With Forums At

Paid Forum Posting services has become extremely popular lately. I don’t know what attracts that much people to this way of earning money, personally I prefer getting paid for uploads, but anyways today I will speak on making money with forums.

This way of earning money can be described as relatively old. Back in 2006 I was making descent money writing forum posts for ForumWizards and ForumBoosting. The pay was just terrific – $0.15 per 20-30 word post. I was able to easily create 30-40 posts an hour, which added up to more then $15 a day writing on public boards.

A lot of time has passed since then and now I do more blogging then forum posting, somehow I’m no more attracted to forums that much anymore (but you can make good money sharing images online for profit).

Best Forum Posting

All in all, I ended up looking for more great websites, which pay users for posts. has given me more results then other websites, so I’ve decided to tell you about it. Please notice that I’m nohow associated with this website and not doing business with administrators. My mission is to give you make money online ideas, and you have more time you test programs then me. is looking for new and creative forum posters, article writers and SEO content writers. Here you can find a lot of jobs that may be useful and profitable for you. To apply, just fill in the application stating your knowledge on English language and present experience in one of the categories:

* Research Papers
* Fiction Content Writing
* Technical writer
* Journalists
* Freelance Writing
* Manuscript Editing
* Copy editing / Proofreading / Line Editing
* Developmental Techniques
* Rewriting / Ghostwriting
* Critique / Evaluation
* Proofreading
* SEO Content Writing
* Grant Writing
* Reviews
*Resume writing

Making money online with forums is possible, trust my experience. You just have to find the right program to suit your needs. You can always try doing freelance work, but you start that you need at least a porfolio.

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