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[Expired] Get A Chance Of Winning Instant Prizes With

Introduction: I’ve already told how much Google makes is one second (~44$),  and I bet that other search engines with stable traffic make top dollar too. But as for me, sites that share their revenue, can earn more money for sure, and the main reason is – they share their revenue. Think about it, we use search engines every day. How many searches do you generate per day – 50, 100 or even more?

So days, I make more then 500 searches per day, especially when I need a lot of information fast. So, you might have read about get paid to search websites, which had been featured here on before. The most popular are:,, and others. you can also check out the whole get paid to search category.

How To Earn Money With

So now, I want to tell you about another website that pays people for searching the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ect. Basically BigDevil is a search engine where you can win prizes. BigDevil cooperates with these companies and gets money for generated searches. Most of this money are used to pay off the prizes, the ones everyone can win.

In order to win something you just need to use BigDevil as a regular search engine and try out your luck. Every generated search gives you certain amount of points, I think it’s 2 or 4 points, but everything depends on your rank too. The higher your rating is, the more points per search you get. It’s very easy to get a lot of bonus points just by referring your friends to As soon as you sign up, you will be given a referral code for your blog of web page. You will receive bonus points every time someone registers using your link, which is super easy.

Also, I’ve got to say that earning searching is not the only way to win some cool stuff. You can accumulate these points and use them to play various trivia games. If you win, your points are doubled, if not, you loose most of your points.

Conclusion: is a very nice website to try. It’s like getting prizes for something you already do, but for free. You can easily earn a lot of points, and every point is a chance of winning the grand prize of $10k. But there are more awesome prizes, including Ipods, Gift Cards and other merchandise.

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