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Boost your Blog Popularity while Getting Paid for Blogging at SocialSpark

There are a lot of website that pay you to blog about sponsored websites on your blog and get paid for going so. Some of them are already featured on Incomebooster, so that may be interesting for you “Get paid to blog”, the most popular ones are PayPerPost and ReviewMe.

SocialSpark is the next generation of pay per post websites, because they have kept the platform and added a lot of cool features to suit both bloggers and sponsors. Right now SocialSpark’s features allow it’s members (maybe you in the future) to interact together, contact each other, exchange sponsored posts, comment on each other’s profiles and apply for blogging assignments to monetize their blogs perfectly.

If you own a blog and you want to monetize if a bit, then this website is just for you, even if you don’t have good writing skills, this portal will help you a lot. This program has introduced a lot of cool features you may use in the future, such as :

Blog Sponsorship – this feature is relatively new, but it’s a good income opportunity if you own a blog. Advertisers pay you money for their text/banner/video ads on your blog per day.

Sponsored post – in this case you will get a certain amount of money for reviewing advertisers website on your blog. Price depends on the quality of the review, your blog traffic and Google PageRank

SP Sparks – using this feature you can exchange sponsored blog posts with your buddies from this portal. This feature if awesome for new and established blogs

Solutions center – is a brand new service that offers free blogging tools for all blog owners at SocialSpark. Common tools include, invisible traffic counter, keyword research tool ect.

Before getting involved in this paid to blog program, make sure you understand SocialSpark’s Code of Ethics, I’m telling you this, because it’s extremely important to read through this Code.

As you register at SocialSpark, you will have to claim your blog by adding certain widgets, telling the truth, I don’t like that, because they made run slower then before, maybe you can still see that.

As soon as you claim your blog, you can start communicating with other bloggers (that is the fun part about this blog), claiming posting jobs and exchanging sponsored posts (that won’t hurt you, will give your blog an extra boost).

So as you see, SocialSpark is a unique mix of a social network, blog monetization and traffic building features. But for the widget, I would have used it here for a long time, but due to some error I can’t. Hopefully you will enjoy this tool! I’m waiting for your feedback about this post and !


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