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Advertising is the engine of progress. This phrase has been all over the place in recent years and we can nothing but agree with this statement. Creative and well-planned approach to advertising helped marketers sell millions of products, both in real and virtual world.

With the advent of Internet technologies, advertising in the virtual world opened a new business marketplace. These days, almost on every website you will see several advertising blocks (most of the times these are the contextual ads) but have you ever wondered who is making up these descriptions for online ads, especially such descriptions, which prompt users to click the ad? Well, creation of such descriptions cannot be handled by anyone that is why advertisers are hiring writers to make ads attractive to users. Do you see a new work at home opportunity on the horizon? Because we do…

This opportunity for writers is open internationally, even with writing jobs in such languages as English, French, Italian, German and many others.


What is is a service, which helps advertisers create descriptions to their ad campaigns. Any Internet advertiser strives to create a listing, which will be attracting more eyeballs and will guarantee a high CTR rate (click-through-rate is a value, in %, which determines a number of times the ad gets clicked). offers jobs for ad writers

Advertisers and marketers use this website for holding contests for the best description for their particular ad listing; find writers for their private writing challenges or create instant submission writing tasks for eligible writers.

Methods of earning for writers

Before stating the ways in which the copywriters can make money at, we think it reasonable to say a few words about the application process. Any interested writer can apply for a position on this website and is to take a quick test, which should distinguish whether his/her skills fulfill the job requirements. The application test doesn’t sound to be too challenging – a job applicant is to read two short descriptions to a selected advertising and decide which one suits the ad better and is more likely to give a better CTR – but editors require you to give a detailed explanation of your choice and on the basis of this explanation editor’s team decides whether to let you work online for this BoostCtr or not.

Ways to earn money by writing:

Advertising description writing contests: marketers and advertisers list information needed for creating a description of their ad listing and expect writers to supply their vision of this contextual ad. When best advertising description is picked by the contest starter and the contest reward is being passed to the writer. Participating in such contests can give a writer $20-$45 for every win.

Instant paying writing tasks: sometimes advertisers choose to hire one writer to make a description for this. Such writing tasks are harder to find on but if you are lucky to get such a job offer, you will receive about $4 for every approved description.

Private challenges can be unlocked to well-performing writers on this site. Ad description writers, who have done a good job on some contests can receive personal writing challenges from advertisers and make money by writing these.

Payments are handled by PayPal processor and users receive their pay on weekly basis.

To find out more about this opportunity for writers please check out BoostCtr FAQ. credibility

Unlike other copywriting and ghostwriting job providers, is comparatively new to the market. But a research carried out by our team yielded only positive comments about this company, although they we not numerous. We have come to a conclusion that this method to earn money online is legit and can be used by any writer. Please leave us your thoughts about this site in the comment section below, if you have any experience with

Further reading

Jobs for Internet writers can boast with their great variety and global availability. We are on the mission of creating a rating of websites, where journalists and Internet writers can obtain an opportunity to monetize their skills.

One more interesting chance to make money with writing is presented by Blue Mountain Arts. This Internet company gives poetry writers an incredible opportunity to turn their verses into real cash. This employer pays up to $300 for every accepted verse.

Roundup and final thoughts

Copywriting is one of the most attractive online jobs, at least for IncomeBooster team members. We try out various methods to earn from writing and an opportunity offered by will be definitely added to our list of interesting Internet jobs. An understanding of online advertising and a good command of English language are sure to contribute to your success at BoostCtr and taking into consideration the pay-rates offered in the contests, writers may end up earning decent amounts for money for such short ad descriptions.

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