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[Expired] Brand New Paid Forum Posting Opportunity –

Unfortunately is not working anymore. Their website is down and won’t load. It was a pretty nice get paid to post opportunity, but it is not the end of the world, there are many alternatives for you, for example, you can receive money for posting at, which is a great community about Internet business and making cash from home in general.

In my previous posts about earning money with forums I promised you to bring more quality content in this category. You must already know, that various Internet websites are ready to pay you the money, if you post on their forums.

You are thinking absolutely right, if you don’t have enough jobs with one company, you can easily switch to another one, sounds like a piece of cake for me, considering the fact that I was working for FB and told you about it in my review.

But this time I have another “get paid to post” website I really want to tell you about – it’s called and now is hiring new forum posters and content writers.

Paid Forum PostingAs I haven’t yet started working with this posting company – I can only tell you what you can do to get accepted, because I can’t really find the time to do it myself, as I did with FB. All in all, after visiting the website, I can clearly say that administrators take it seriously – because the forum and site look professional. On the “Join the team” page you can find out that in order to get approved – you need to make some sample posts in the’s forums and apply for verification (just to PM the administrator).

I haven’t found any information concerning the prices per post or the amount of posts you can do per day, that’s the only thing about this website I can put under a question mark.

Well, I do recommend you to try out this website and tell me and other readers how it went. I can tell that such jobs are a lot of fun to do, so if you won’t even have a lot of forums to post you, the process of earning money will bring you some fun.


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