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[Expired] Brand New Paid Social Network – Receive Prizes for Activity at

Every day I am looking for new, creating ways of earning money online, or receiving something for free on the Internet. Some people say that there is no such thing as easy or free money (prizes), especially on the Internet. But I really like to prove people wrong, especially when it comes to Internet money making and prize winning.

At first I was a little skeptical about, which is a pretty nice social community network, where you can participate in daily polls, answer questions and watch videos for points (PTZ).

Points could be redeemed into special prizes, including Ipods, Mac Book Pros or any other electronic or cash prize (I really like the fact that you can actually earn money at, because you can actually receive gift cards in exchange of your points – for the full list of’s prizes, check out my previous posts about this paid social community).


Personally, I like freebie websites, where you can just participate (be an active member of some community) and receive prizes for free. Some people claim that Lockerz is a big scam nowadays, but I know several people (even my referrals, who have received their Ipods a week ago and they seem to be over the moon). I have received my T-shirt and very much like it so far, it’s a superb freebie for almost to effort. If you want to find out more about Lockerz, visit my March Updates post.

But today I would like to tell you about a brand new website, which has pretty much the same concept, but with a twist, it is called and here are some facts you should know about this new paid social network.

What is and how does it work? is a brand new website (and I am flattered to be one of the first who are actually reviewing this website nowadays) where you can communicate with your friends, share latest discount offers (share the links to the items on sale on the Internet), save money using cash back shopping, watch videos, find out about new bands and rate their music (something like at, where you can get paid to rate music), play brand new flash and computer games and just do something you already do online, but for money.

Such a business model is pretty popular nowadays, because any Internet user is eligible to get paid for something we already do on the Internet. It goes without saying that the more you points you manage to gather, the more cash you will make.

How do I register at and start earning points?

Just as this new paid social network, which is named LifeClickz is invite only, this means that you need an invitation in order to complete a registration process on this website.

The registration is totally free and allows people all over the world to undergo the registration process, which is extremely great for non-US citizens.

How could give away such expensive prizes?

It’s not such a big deal nowadays considering various sponsors, who are looking forward of getting their brand name on some popular website.

This website network is growing at crazy pace and there are hundreds of people joining every day, if not every hour, so there is a slight chance for this website to be scam, but so far, people are calling it the next Lockerz, so we could just give it a try (it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, the registration is free).

How many points you could earn at LifeClickz

So as soon as you email me for your personal invitation, you will be able to register and start earning points, which could be redeemed for cool prizes later on.

If you log in to this website every day, you will receive 5 points just for your activity. Also there are special “daily questions” – these could be short surveys or polls, but most of the time it’s a yes/no questions (and they are kind of fun to do).

Apart for these, other members (as well as you) can comment on the answers to daily questions – this means the more creative your answers to daily questions are – the more comments and ratings you can receive. Every comment or positive rating is worth 5 points, which is pretty cool. And the last way of earning points is inviting your friends to

For every new member you refer, you get 25 points, which is equal to 5 daily comments or ratings. As for me, it is the most motivating and stimulating way of receiving points at LifeClickz.

Overall thoughts about

I have seen a lot of websites (especially make money online projects) from the very start to the ending. And I must say that all of them start from something very primitive and simple.

I┬áthink that LifeClickz are following this pattern, so people who are saying that this website is a scam because they are working on their design are just wrong. My blog doesn’t look super stylish either, but I am trying to provide the best information about earning money from home using all possible methods.

So I really hope that this social community website becomes as popular as and will ship simple users like you and me great prizes. I am looking forward to LifeClickz’s future development and will notify you on any possible updates or changes.

As for now, you can subscribe to my blog to receive the latest posts to your email. But for now, you can check out review, because this website offers you a one of a kind opportunity of sharing your media files for money.

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