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Journalism and copywriting have proved to be the most wide-spread methods of earning via Internet. Millions of websites are looking for new content every day and if you are capable of writing good material, then you are sure to make money from the comfort of your own home.

Today I would like to show you one cool earner, which has been actually launched not very long ago. is an Internet encyclopedia-like portal, where users share articles of things they like or provide journalistic research in the fields they are knowledgeable at.

This online work opportunity is open to users internationally

Every new writer has an endless potential of gaining a lot of exposure, if his/her content is worthy of users’ attention. Apart from getting exposure from, users earn money on revenue sharing basis. Currently the split is 50/50. Getting started with this website won’t take a lot of your time, as you can register in the matter of minutes and start publishing content right away (as soon as your articles are unique and are longer than 400 words).


From what I have read about, tagging is the feature you don’t want to miss out on, when writing for this site. Also, pay attention to external promotion techniques to draw attention to your content because only targeted visitors will make you money.

To learn more about this website, please visit this page:

Now a few words about withdrawing your earnings – at you need to make at least 25 dollars to cash-out and payments are handled by PayPal (before registering, make sure your country is supported by PayPal).

Revenue sharing websites can serve as a great additional source of income and traffic to every blogger or Internet writers, who doesn’t mind getting some cash from time to time. And here are some other great sites you should definitely take a look at:

My Squidoo earnings on this page: Squidoo is another good site for every Internet writer.

All in all, being an Internet writer is tough, especially in the beginning. But once you get hang of it, it becomes an hobby, which makes you money too, so try and see if writing online is for you.

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