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Get Paid To Review Cell Phones At

As I have already told you, there are a lot of money to be made with forums. Various forums are looking for a great content, which will attract new users and as I have already told – members generate forum admin the revenue. So if the forum has no active members, nor good content – it will be almost impossible to earn money with it.

Besides earning money with forums, you can make some money writing product reviews. Just imagine, how much Cnet is making for writing all those interesting and detailed reviews of various products: cell phones, computers, MP3 players and other digital stuff.

Now, when you know the situation, I want to tell you about the actual way of earning money writing cell phone reviews. Every of us has a cell phone, and such geeks like me do know a lot about these devices (at least general stuff). And I bet that potential buyers (customers) would really like to know what you think about a certain model (manufacturer) of a mobile phone.



Cell phone forums is a large internet forum dedicated to cell phones. The admin of this site is looking for skillful writers, who will create cell-phone reviews. The process is very simple, you register at, write a review about the cellphone you know about or own and get paid for doing so – every review gives you 10$ (paid by PayPal upon completion).

If you don’t have any experience writing cell phone reviews, here are some guidelines to creating one:

* Proper English + grammatically correct sentances
* Review must be more then 500 words long
* You can review only cell phone models up to a year old.
* A review must have more then one image

By the way, you can read my Nokia N73 review, the one I’ve been paid for by the administrator.

It goes without saying that a review must be based on your actual experience and mustn’t include any of the copied of copyrighted content. Anyways, there are tons and tons of opportunities to earn money from home, you just have to look for them, everything is much easier then you think!

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