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In our modern society grocery shopping can be a little confusing or even frustrating, especially it applies to males. Being a representative of this gender, I can tell that going shopping rarely brings me pleasure, so I try to find some technological things (for which I have a passion) and apply them to make the process of shopping easier and more fun, of course.

After preparing my smartphone for new applications, I went on looking for awesome shopping apps and eventually found application. Not only it turns my grocery shopping into a fun contest but also gives a chance to earn points and redeem them for awesome prizes. Why don’t we learn more about this free application?


What is is a new Internet project, which offers its users a new approach to shopping. In order to start working with CheckPoints, a user is to reside in the United States of America and download a cell phone application (this is the only way to access all features of this project; extra points could be earned by using their branded toolbar but it is only an extra opportunity). - application helping us earn with grocery shopping

After installing and firing up the application, a user could list of tasks and start checking into near-by located stores and start earning points. Such actions will help increasing point balance at

– visiting stores and “checking in”, finding sponsored items in selected departments and scanning their bar-codes (a photo with a cell phone will do just fine);
– leaving comments and reviews of items bought in the store;
– referring your friends to can give you a decent amount of points too (there is a special referral program, which provides better rewards if your referrals are active).

Available prizes and rewards

Once a reasonable amount of points is accumulated, it is high time to head on to the redemption area and exchange points for some cool prizes:

– Gift cards (available stores include Amazon, Itunes, SubWay, HomeDepot, ect.);
– Social network points and travel miles;
– Gadgets and electronics (netbooks, Apple products, tablets, ect.);
– Donation to charities

Points tend to add up very fast, especially if you spread the word among your friends and relatives. These days almost everyone has a powerful smartphone and it is the only thing, apart from the person’s will, in order to get started with

Further reading and ideas

Unfortunately, is available only for US residents and it could be considered the only disadvantage of this website. The concept of earning money with product reviews and cash-back shopping sounds brilliant to me, so I would like to offer such further reading links today: – online auction with a twist. Users complete tasks, invite new friends to earn points. Fribiz points are used for participation in auctions and winning prizes (personally I won four prizes, check my post for more information). – other interesting opportunity to earn prizes and money by answering questions about your favorite brands, arranging local parties promoting various products and completing other fun tasks for great prizes.

Final thoughts about

A great number of positive reviews from CheckPoints application, a good assortment of prizes in the redemption area and an interesting earning concept make this project attractive for new members and I have to say that CheckPoints is really worth trying. I would love to receive some of your thoughts about this mobile application and maybe ask you to list prizes you manage to receive from this site.

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