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Brand New PPC Advertising Solution –

I know that many people are looking for an alternative adsense solution – some of them don’t get as much money as they want, others just got banned for some reasons. Anyways, it seems hard to find the right PPC advertising company. That’s why I’ve been looking for something that can really convert and as for me, has the best reputation among the publishers. Some users even claim that they get paid more then $0.90 per click, but more about this later in the post.


Anyways, what is Chitika and how do make money with it?

Chitika is one of the leading online advertising companies with hundreds of blogs and websites. They offer various types of advertisement and I want to cover many of them. Those who still use google adsense – chitika allows to run both their ads and Google ads on the same page.

I’ve told that there are several ad types being offered by Chitika, but let me tell about the most competetive (as for me).

Chitika eMiniMalls – is the best PPC unit for websites with computer or electronics based information. This ad block is a small variety of products users can try out right on your page, without leaving it.

Earning Money With Chitika

Chitika Premium Ads – these ad units can be added on the website running adsense ads. It is expected to have the highest CTR percentage, because this units are shown only to US search engine visitors, which gives you a lot of high paid clicks.

Chitika for Parked Domains

Not that many companies offer ads for domains. Just like Google Adsense Chitika for parked domains is paying for every click or search query generated on your website.

All in all, can be an awesome add on to your google adsense adverts on your blog or website. Those, who for some reason don’t use adsense on their websites, may help monetizing your blog the right way.


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