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There are some reasons why Internet business and the idea of earning money with an web connection is getting more and more popular. After running this weblog for three years now I see how many competitors I receive – the number of Internet bloggers, who are writing about possibilities of earning money in your free time. As for me, the main reason is that now people, who are using Internet on daily basis, have realized that anyone can earn easy cash by doing simple tasks online.

If you stop by and think about it for a second, you will come up with a list of nice things you can get paid for, but you do it usually for free. To start off, think if you have ever written a review of a product or a service you have used before? As for me, almost everyone of us has done it, but never got paid, because not that many people know about earning money by writing reviews.

Just for example, I have bought a new laptop several weeks ago and after completing the first time run and after the successful connection to the Internet, I was automatically redirected to the website, where I was asked to write a review of the product I used. So I thought – “Wait, why should I give you the content for free, if I can post it to some paid to review website and receive money for my valuable user experience?”. And right after this, I have got almost the same email with the survey from the Internet store I bought this product at – so as the result, everyone is haunting for free content, from actual product users (but there are money to be made with your valuable experience).

So, are you ready to find out, how any Internet user can earn money by completing simple online tasks, which are similar to almost everything we do on the Internet on daily basis? There is this new website called, which is pretty much similar to other micro freelance jobs websites I have been blogging about.

Here you can earn money by creating simple content, the information computers can’t manage (simple data entry jobs, the whole process is similar to earning with Amazon Mturk), posting on public forums, reviewing Internet websites or services (technology) you have used or any other random stuff you do on the web (digg popular websites, stumble and social bookmark various web pages).

The registration at the website took me just several minutes and after confirming my email address I was able to look thought the list of advertisers. I really hope to receive my sign up bonus, which I still can’t figure out, but I can clearly see that the minimum payout is set at 10$, which seems sky-high with such amount of available jobs, but I think that referral bonus, could be a save.

So if you manage to get a lot of referrals, while this website is not yet that popular, you will be able to get your money very fast. Payments are said to be made with PayPal or MoneyBookers, but at first you will have to undergo the address confirmation process, which makes this website look a little fishy. Their design is not top-class either, so I don’t know who this make money program with turn out.

All in all, I will see whether anyone will end up getting paid from this website (I really hope to receive some comments from you, because I couldn’t find any suitable user information in on the web). The whole “easy freelance jobs” idea is getting very popular nowadays, so I wonder if that is another get paid to script, which had been released, or people are really interested in such business model.


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